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Brainy HatBrainy Hat: Level Puzzle is an interesting side-scrolling puzzle game with a minimalist design and a wealth of entertaining levels. This game is easy to start and each level has a different way to pass. These levels will blow your mind and develop your imagination!

Interesting Level Design
Incredible Way to Pass
Combination of puzzle-solving and side-scrolling

Brainy Hat user reviews :

This game was very fun and complex, and I love the use of mechanics outside the game like the airplane mode. My only problem is that some of the levels felt like nobody could ever figure them out on their own, but maybe I’m just to dumb to understand. Also one if the final levels are broken and I had to skip it since I got the hints and they told me what to do but it still didn’t work :/ but other than those small things it’s a very good game! 5 stars

GREAT GAME!! Not many ads, and it’s really clever! It’s hard to understand a lot of the time though. Like, it’ll let me do one thing (like a double jump) and then I won’t be able to do it again…) The hints are a problem. I know it’s hard to make them good, but they either just gave me the answer or gave me something I really didn’t understand. But besides that it’s great!! I played through all the levels! Can’t wait for more!!!

The game was great! The reason I’m giving it a 4 is because in the Draw Line area there was a glitch where if I tried to draw a line, the line would be a few inches below my finger.

The game is missing a way to get past level 34 without skipping. Thus, you are a stupid idiot and you definitely were when you made this completely glitch excuse for a good game and the gimmick was a glitch!

This WAS a good game. It used to work perfectly, but level 35 is broken now. Every time I go to move the platform it glitches and the platform goes to the very bottom of the screen, which prevents me from being able to normally go to the next level. Level 36 is also broken now. After I get the key once it doesn’t show up for a second time. It just disappears. 37 is also broken. The key never shows up after you go under the spinning blade. WHAT HAPPENED?!!?

Kinda fun, but broken. Many levels are very unintuitive, and level 35 is straight up broken. When dragging the platform it drops below the level and becomes lost.

It’s amazing brain puzzle game but i completed all the levels so fair well I delete no more levels bye

Can’t get past the let me fly level I tried Turning on airplane mode but it still jumped once please fix

Is great, but I just updated the game and lost all of my progress.

Well on some levels there’s stuff that you can run through when your supposed to find it out and it’s on a lot of levels I would give this 5 stars if this didn’t happen so please have a good day and stay safe from this game

A good puzzle game with really creative solutions… For the first 20 or so levels, then it becomes a lot more challenging. The solutions are rather obscure and I very often need to use a hint, and on other occasions I accidentally find the solution. But over all the positives outweigh the negatives which is why I’m giving this a 3/5

This game is really fun, one thing i found really cool was how some levels could have something like a hint in it that didn’t go there, then you would go few levels and that hint is what you need to do the level, every level is unique and fun. Love this game

I love this game! It’s SO clever in its wording and problem solving! Honestly, it kind of scares me how this game knows what volume you have on and whether you have internet connection or not but it’s still cool nonetheless! (Maybe it’s normal to do that, I could be wrong) I already made it to all levels in a matter of two days, can’t wait for more!

This game is great! Frustrating at times, but with the fact that it works with the stats of your device such as volume, airplane mode, etc. It makes me want to play MORE! Just don’t give up with the amazing work!

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