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Zgirls3Super vivid Live2D performance, well-known Japanese dubbing, giving you an excellent interactive experience!

The story takes place in the apocalypse known as the Crisis of Artificial Intelligence, the Zgirls are fighting hard in the front line position called Gakuen. The only one who can save everything is you, Commander.

Take office and command the Zgirls to save the world. The core of resisting the mechanical will is human love. Whether it is daily interaction or dating, this love will eventually become the strength to save this desolate apocalypse!

Rich Plot: Meet Zgirls and unlock gorgeous CGs
Immersive Experience: Supernatural Live2D, famous Japanese actors dubbing
Strategic Combat: Command Zgirls and defend Gakuen
Army*Navy*Air Force: Participate in research, create bio-combatant girls
Global Frequency: Build alliances and meet players from different regions”

Zgirls3 user reviews :

The general story line is good and quick progression in the beginning. I feel that there are way too many side quests and different attacks to do that take away from the story. For example theres attacks you need to do to get your base back, attacks on the map, attacks for challenges, and sometimes you dont use the troops you train so it gets confusing. I think this game is combining too many aspects of other games into it and that makes it complicated.

Heavily pay to win, and look good while doing it. “dress up” is difficult to obtain without paying a lot of money over the time of the events. the wedding thing is also pay to obtain. been playing almost a year and these events elude me since i won’t pay for it. Art is great. Story is decent. Needs a lot of english proofing though. TLDR; Decent fun with ‘open world’ elements. But need to spend a lot of money to get the cool features advertised.

I’m sincerely disappointed. This game was fun! The romance aspect was great! Then boom. Everything screeched to a stop. The enemies randomly more than doubled in HP and level and grinding to level up my troops are taking forever. (I’m level 29) It’s going to take me months to just get to the next level. So the story has stopped, leveling up the romance has stopped. And I cant even battle because my troops are so weak. So much potential here. But just isnt there yet.

It could be kind of fun if it wasn’t for the constant coming soon messages which includes story quests, not being able to get past level 50 affection, the extremely slow training time, the high requirements to upgrade buildings, the extreme difficulty of the battles to expand territory and getting suck with low level AI when you unlock new areas. The girls are difficult to get and to rank up unless you pay money. Honestly there is not enough room here to cover all of the problems with the game.

Great start, quick stop. The start of the game feels very promising, it has a great concept, great art and some animation on the girl which look fantastic. But, the game only has 35 girls in total at time of writing. And those girls are hard to come by without paying money for them. Overall I would say the artist more than pulled their weight, but the execution of the game was a major flop. Don’t waste your time and definitely don’t waste your money.

No additional downloads prompted when installed, interaction with characters and a lot to do and see, from a fully fledged story to city building, very nice. The only issue? Very slow ZCoin gain and troop training becomes exponentially slower every time (Taking up to 3 hours for a single unit at level 35), if you’re a F2P, you’ll really have to grind (Also it feels like Building research is unnecessarily expensive in comparison to other research from the same level)

Great game. Stunning character design. Main problems: Translation not being the best but still works well. Images not being clear, even with HD enabled. User interface feels cluttered. Audio not being aligned – sometimes loud or quiet, or being overshadowed by other things (voice lines being too quiet, music fluctuates in volume etc.) A lot of problems but I really like the game, keep up the good work

I’m partially enjoyed the game so far, cuz there are multiple bugs that are still annoying me right now, especially my troops that never coming back after finishing the rescue mission. Now from two groups of troops, I just have one left. This is super annoying you know. Please fix the bugs immediately, cuz this is a good game originally, don’t ruin its potential. Thanks.

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