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Bridge ConstructorLatest update with help function and refined construction system

Prove yourself as an accomplished master bridge builder! Test your construction skills and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, and rivers. The stress simulator reveals whether the bridge you build can hold the weight of cars and trucks or if the construction will crash.

As the chief constructor you can choose between a range of materials for each individual bridge, such as wood, steel, cables, or concrete pillars, but you also have to stay within budget to build the perfect bridge. The choice of different materials offers numerous solutions and you can build each bridge in a number of ways – your budget is the only limit. Let your imagination and creativity run free in this fun construction sim! And if you happen to run into a dead end, you can pick up valuable tips from the brand new help system!

The free femo version contains the first world (8 levels) of the full version.

40 levels + more in seasonal updates
4 different building materials: wood, steel, cables, concrete pillars
Three different load bearing levels: car, truck and tank truck
Free build mode and help system
5 Settings: city, canyon, beach, mountains, hills
Color coded load indicator for different building materials

High score per level

Bridge Constructor user reviews :

If you can appreciate physics than the idea of building a bridge sounds fun right? This is a good progressive game in which you are assigned the task of simply building a bridge in progressively more difficult situations while your materials are gradually upgraded to meet those needs. It is simplistic enough for younger players and fun enough to keep adults entertained for hours.

Well enough executed bridge building game, but cuts off after the first island and asks for you to pay to upgrade and get more. The description should reflect this and it cost the game a star. Controls are a little sticky too and some of the wood roads were glitchy for one length or another which just isn’t fun.

DEMO not “FREE” give the amount of ads Vs the amount of entertainment available not enjoyable. The level restrictions for the “free” version should be at the top of the description so it’s clear what you are about to put time into. Might even help with the ratings as at a glance it’s a common theme.

I get 6 levels for free then got to buy the rest? Even when I haven’t gotten the hang of controls. Not committing to a game that i don’t even know if I like yet. Good graphics I guess. Doesn’t lag. But if asking for payment almost up front, I can’t imagine how much more I’d have to purchase later on.

Just a few free basic builds then you have to pay. I’ve only had it on my phone about 20 minutes and I’m already on installing. They also request a couple permissions and hit you with quite a few ads in a short period Of time.

At first I was like a deer caught in the headlights, or a headless chicken not knowing what to do.. Then i got the hang of it, but as I progressed the bridges became to diffiult to build, they became flimsy, langky,,,, being held up by the grace of the gods. Never made it passed a month of playing #

I do construction in college so as holidays are going on I decided to install this interesting app to help my self…so thanks for creating this app …I rate 5 star……gd bye and got a pretty good year..see u.

It says it a “FREE” game when what it really means is you only get one area of the game, the rest has to be bought. Basically giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Please put in more materials, 3 is not enough. That is all.

Im confused why this version you fomt need to pay for but the other game of this you do and I find no point in it like just make one version of the game just free. So yea 3 stars bc I cant lie about this part that the game is amazing so yea just plz ik you eant money but if tou wanna make it that bad then go with a thing were players can buy coins and that peaple can get to buy somthing like to fill up your materials and that stuff but yea Just plz fix it when you can or jist stay the way it is.

Ok graphics for type of game, needs a fast forward button when cars cross bridge, better bridge building games on the market.

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