Bubble Bird Rescue 2 – Birds are asking for your help now

[Game] Bubble Bird Rescue 2

Bubble Bird Rescue 2From the maker of “Bubble Bird Rescue”, comes out brand new game.

Birds are asking for your help now. Be hero in the bird world, please!

Bubble Bird Rescue 2 has more delightful graphics, to make you relax and enjoy. It provides the unlocked boosters, to assist you in the bird world.

Shoot bubbles and match colors to pop and drop your way to rescue the trapped baby birds! You’ll be addicted to “Bubble Bird Rescue 2” from the first hit!

Highlighted Features
Well-designed FREE levels – each with unique challenges and fun puzzles!
EASY TO LEARN – hard to master! Can you score 3 stars on every level?
Score Big Bonuses – drop large bunches of bubbles to score sweet bonuses!
USE powerful boosts to help with challenging levels! All of them are unlocked from level 1.
Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics & effects!

Bubble Bird Rescue 2 user reviews :

Is it possible to continue from where I left off after uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Absolutely amazing game experience! It’s as if the developers were actually thinking about the people when they were making it. Graphics really nice, levels challenging enough but not impossible, no limited attempts, and most importantly: the ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, which nowadays can make all the difference. There’s just the right amount of everything in this game. Thank you! 10/5

3 stars because the game is so old that Facebook won’t allow connected to this app. Also, it would be nice if you would make the aim standard on every level. Right now the aim is so small you can’t bounce off walls without using one of the helpers. Every bubble shooter game has extended aim in every level. Why not you? Please update your game to the 21st century? Thank you.

I liked the game and I am playing it from a very long time but suddenly I am facing problem with the loading screen. The game doesn’t load.

This is better BIG TIME than the first. No pun intended, but other one felt a bit too much like playing a mature kids game. This is a huge difference especially when it comes to attention span and maturity. Impressed …. most times any #2,3 etc in version end up blowing and ticking one off, resulting in a hate for the game ….this creates

Now 1 star: still not solved 120 coins issue. Edit my review: because when I entered the 1100 level, the game no longer gives you the 120 points you earn with 100 stars. The game definitely has a GLITCH! NOW 2 STARS! Enjoy playing this game as a wind-down. I gave it 4 stars because the game does always give you the points you’ve earned. So there’s a glitch in the program. Also it takes a hundred stars to earn only 120 points, it would be nice if it was more.

Fun game, starting to get adds that I can’t get rid of unless I close the game, very frustrating. There is an X on the top of the adds, but when I click on it, nothing happens, and I can’t continue with my game. This has just started, there were no issues before.

I love this game, it’s very relaxing. It’s better than the previous game.

I liked the game but the problems I have with it turned me sour on it. uninstalling and hopefully you fix the way it will go completely in another direction when I am for where I want the damn ball to go. the adds are over powering.

From the beginning it was smooth and lovely but difficult from the middle of the levels and the adverts are too much, it makes the game so boring. I might delete it soon

Great game to pass time.. It looks like a game for kids but honestly, as you reach higher levels it gets tougher to finish.. Most importantly, you can play in offline.. Keep it up!

This is a fun game to me. I enjoy the graphics as well as the many levels. I like to play a game with many levels. And it gives you more than enough chances to pop all the bubbles and save the birds.

A cute, fun game which gives you a chance to home your bubble popping skills. It is a bit easier than some games which do not allow bouncing off the side walls.

The daily task video is not loading, so you don’t get the 3 extra lots of balls, if needed to help you finish level. Please fix it.

Was very enjoyable, if you didn’t make it you could watch ads for more balls, after updating no more ads are offered to get more chances to beat the level.

Very much entertaining and keep me smile and it’s a good game cause it helps to be stressed free , very exciting , looking forward to the new level all in all this is one of the best game I love.

well.the game should be back up with gmail.i am playing 1208 level.but i lost my game the game facebook accaount could not open.how i can back to my game in play level 1208. the problem is “Login Failed: You can’t use Facebook to log into this app or website because there’s an issue with its implementation of Facebook Login”. slove my game problem.

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