Bayside Merge – Home restoration and town merge

[Game] Bayside Merge – Renovation

Bayside MergeSolve various merge puzzles and build the city of your dreams!

Home restoration and town merge: welcome to the best of both worlds! Design public areas. Renovate houses. Even build a dream garden. Enjoy Mary’s story as she makes her dreams come true!

Bayside Merge is a combining game full of renovation, home restoration, and designing merge wonder! In cozy West Haven Bay, you’ll discover new items and merge them into useful tools to improve your city. Enjoy unique and constantly updated merge puzzles, tropical merge locations, and exciting stories!

Hundreds of decorating house games and makeover options are waiting for you. Discover a hidden coastal paradise and become a city building and merging game master. Bring the community to life as you merge items. Open public spaces, create touristic landmarks, and enjoy city building!

Mary’s husband has disappeared, taking all their money. Now living with family in West Haven Bay and working in an architectural office within the city administration, she faces a challenging task: restoring the city to its former fairy town splendor. Relax as you create in this merge home design game. Renovate countless buildings in exciting combining games!

Dive into interesting storylines and family drama while city building. Meet exciting characters as you travel through combining games. Experience love stories in a tropical merge adventure!

Free boosters are here to help with your merge home design. Fun merge games and decorating house games are constantly being added.

Enjoy free decorating house games and town merge fun in this free-to-play game with in-app purchases!

Now you can merge items and enjoy city renovation and decorating house games without the internet. This game is offline, so you can take your favorite fun merge game anywhere!

Casual puzzles and fun merge games await in Bayside Merge. Enjoy city building and home restoration in this fun fairy town home design game. Are you ready to become a city makeover master? Find out today in Bayside Merge and start your reconstruction game adventure!

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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Bayside Merge user reviews :

I’m really waiting for this game to be available in my country. This is definitely one of my favorite merge game. I love the storyline and the gameplay and the best part is it can be played offline/online. Highly recommended! Edited: Please fix the loading screen. It takes too much time to load..

  • Hello Lex, sorry for the problem! Please contact our Support Team via the Send Feedback option in the Friends menu or at support[at] and provide your details – this will help us resolve the issue for you.

Problems since the last update. After startup, when trying to start the next level it says it’s downloading new content and starts to download and it never completes. I’m stuck not moving forward

  • Make sure your Internet connection is stable and you have at least 3 GB free on your device to download the update. Also, try completing the currently available tasks. If the problem persists, please contact us at and we’ll try to help you.

If the generators take this long to recharge at level 3, I can not imagine the horrors of playing this game at higher levels. People don’t download a game just so that it can take up space and memory. Could have been a good game.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with the recharge time in Bayside Merge: Renovation game. We understand your frustration and we appreciate your feedback. Our team is constantly working on improving the gameplay experience,.

Similar to other merge games, hasn’t brought anything new that I’ve noticed. What does bug me is the task talking scenes, even when pressing skip you are having to do so multiple times.. very long. Had to force close app a could times also as the game freezes.

  • Hi Carla, thank you for the review. If you’ve encountered any issues with the game, please report them to support[at] so that our representatives could assist you further. Thanks!

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