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Bubble Pop DreamWelcome to Bubble Pop Dream, an addictive bubble shooter game that provides endless entertainment and relaxation for players of all ages.

With over 2000 captivating levels and a variety of challenging puzzles, you’ll be immersed in a vibrant world filled with colorful bubbles waiting to be popped. What’s even better? You can play the game offline!

Step into the delightful world of Bubble Pop Dream where you’ll discover a plethora of colorful bubbles waiting to be popped. This easy-to-learn, family-friendly game is designed to provide relaxation and excitement for everyone.

How to Play Bubble Pop Dream:
Aim your shooter precisely to match and burst at least 3 bubbles of the same color.
Clear the board by popping matching bubbles, advancing you to new levels filled with more challenges.
Strive to achieve three stars on every level by bursting bubbles continuously for extra points.

Bubble Pop Dream Exciting Features:
Over 2000 enthralling levels, with new ones added every week – explore fascinating stages and discover fresh challenges.
Join daily quests and weekend events to earn exclusive rewards and bonuses.
No Wi-Fi? No worries! Enjoy Bubble Pop Dream offline without any connectivity concerns.
Use various power-ups and boosters, such as Rockets unlocked by popping seven bubbles in a row, to efficiently clear all bubble clouds from the screen.

Bubble Pop Dream is a fantastic game suitable for the family and kids, combining relaxation and mental challenges within its gameplay. Boasting rich visuals, bold colors, and captivating effects, this bubble shooter game promises an experience you won’t forget.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a busy day or test your problem-solving skills with complex puzzles, Bubble Pop Dream is the perfect game for everyone. So, let’s get fingers ready and start bursting bubbles in this mesmerizing adventure! Download it today and join the bubble-pop shooting!

If you have any suggestions or questions about our bubble shooter game, Bubble Pop Dream, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at bubbleshooter-support-1[at]dailyinnovation.biz. We’re always here to listen and help you on your bubble-popping journey!

Bubble Pop Dream user reviews :

Great except for it freezing on the “Trane” ad and forcing you to close the game completely and start again. And most of the time you have to do the same level over up to 3 times in a row. Only happens on the “Trane” ad. Please fix. Very irritating. Now the ad for “Purple” is doing the same thing. Please fix. I have to close the game completely and go back in. And sometimes I don’t get my bonuses or have to do the level all over again. the “miner” I only get 1 reward even when full or not.

  • Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We are sorry for causing you trouble. Could you please offer us more details about the inappropriate ad(s) you’ve seen (like screenshots or the ad(s) name(s))? It will help us locate the advertiser and block the ad(s) more quickly and correctly. Thank you so much for your help.

I really enjoy this game. It helps me unwind. There’s ads, but you’re not bombarded with them. It’s either a little one at the bottom or an ad that’s quick to be skipped after every few levels. The little challenges and mini games are fun and rotate and do only one at a time. When other games have 5 games/challenges going on at once, it can be too much. This is really fun for casual play. There’s also plenty of opportunity to buy boosts with in game credits, no pay wall, which I really like

It’s an easy game for when you want to kill time, but also not stress over it. I don’t have a Facebook account to save my progress and I refuse to. So sucks if I change phones, I’ll lose the progress. Ads are incredibly annoying. I understand getting revenue, but I rather pay to get rid of them. Overall, simple gaming app.

UPDATE: Around level 225, the game gets glitchy and ads very annoying and uncontrollable. I shouldn’t have to change my phone’s volume for a game. If you can do on/off, don’t be lazy. I deleted it. Easy game to play. Ads aren’t terrible. Aiming is accurate. All in all it’s a relaxing game. I do have two issues; first is I wish the sounds had levels, not just in & off. My second issue is that I just keep playing. That’s relaxing but there’s nothing to strive for. It’s a matter of choice.

  • Thanks for taking your time to leave us feedback. You can change the volume of your phone when you want to have different levels of sounds. And we are trying our best to improve this game, so please stay tuned!

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