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[Game] Tile Cat – Triple Match Puzzle

Tile CatWelcome to Tile Cat!

Tile Cat – a new triple matching puzzle game. You’ve found a special triple matching mahjong game you haven’t seen before, a perfect cutest triple match game combined with cat – Tile Cat.
Let us show you the puzzle game with more fun, relaxing, challenging and brain training right now!


A triple match puzzle game inspired by classic games of mahjong. In triple matching games, you need to match 3 tiles with the same type and clear the board to pass the level, unlock more new challenges and discover more cute themes.

First, you need to choose 3 tiles with the same, matching triple tiles to put them in your box. Three tiles will be removed if they are similar. Let’s become a match master with your sharp eyes and super strategic mind.
The box is only filled with 7 tiles. If you put more tiles on it, you’ll fail.
Using three boosts (undo, shuffle, hint ) in the game anytime you want to pass a hard level or while you’re stuck.

Like every tile matching game, Tile Cat is free and easy to play, but special with all the cutest of cats.
Everything in this game will be filled with cute cats and all have a mystery on each.
Tile Cat with more than 300 levels with different shapes is waiting for you to play. Let’s finish it and become a tile master!

Each chapter is unique with many cute tile patterns and special stories: “Lazy cat in the country house”, “Whatever comes to my hand!” , “Tea party and cat-shaped desserts” etc.
Offline games, no need to worry about the internet, in the bed, on the bus, in the park… you can play this triple match game whenever you want!

More levels, more harder. Challenge yourself with harder levels!

Tile Cat – the matching puzzle game – is special and suitable for all ages. The game is a perfect board game for fun, relaxing and brain training whenever you need.

Let’s join in the stories of Tile Cat today!

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Tile Cat user reviews :

Currently suffering from an inconsistent saving bug where closing the app will sometimes reset all progress since starting the session. I’m still early on, and stuck on level 9. I’ve tried backing out to the menu, changing settings, waiting a bit before closing, and nothing seems to work. I’ve lost as much as ten levels of progress at a time. Gameplay is good though, and graphics are cute. Ad free is worth. Easy 4 star when bug is fixed. Maybe 5 when I see what changes in a new zone.

Very addicting, if you dont want ads you can simply turn off wifi. But, i have a problem: Ever since i reached level 46, the saving system got strange. i once reached level 50 and exited the game but when i came back it reset until level 46. Even the powerups reset the way they were in level 46. It used to be addicting, but this problem made it frustrating af. Please fix this- Update: Problem is fixed! Thanks, the game is really fun!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will test this issue and try our best to fix it soon!

when I say that this is the BEST game I’ve ever tried.. I MEAN IT! the art style is sooooo cute!! yeah you get ads every time you finish a game.. but there are short, simple and quick! it has light colors, the game is quick and easy and perfect if you want some peace once and a while or all the time! also the music is soo cute and relaxing! if your looking for a cute, relaxing, soft game, DOWNLOAD NOW!!

One of the best Tile matching games! There is alot of levels and it isn’t a p2w as for cat lovers who are Play 2 win this is more better then other tile matching games that just show alot of ads and completely is a waste of time and effort. The Background song is a bit sad and reminds me of my dead cats, and I think the combo bar makes the player a bit frustrated thus ruining The relaxing time matching experience. I suggest adding a speedrun mode and maybe daily tile matching challenges!

Love. This. Game. Even though I’ve experienced a few bugs through my time which I’ve reported I didn’t let it ruin my experience! This game is super cute and I just finished playing it! Though I wish it was less buggy, I still highly recommend it!

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