Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop – New way to play classic bubble shooter puzzle

[Game] Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop

Bubble Shooter Ocean PopPop bubbles in the underwater world of Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop!

New way to play classic bubble shooter puzzle games with all your lovely fish friends in those beautiful theme aquariums designed by yourself!

Tap to match 3 bubbles, solve fun puzzles, and unlock beautiful fish and decorations to design your aquarium!

ALL IN ONE creative free game fun!

Bubble Shooter Game
Aim carefully and tap to shoot the bubbles!
Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color!
Take on strategies to deal with different obstacles!
Use your logic skills and complete the fun quests!

Aquarium Simulator
Unlock fish and decorations with the level advance!
Decorate aquariums for your fish to own design taste!
Beautify the home of fish to unlock the next theme!
All your lovely fish friends await you in the game!

Game Highlights
Simple and free to play but challenging to master.
Train your brain and develop your logical ability.
Classic bubble shooter with a creative ocean theme.
Perfect timekiller to remove boredom.
Thousands of bubble levels with various goals.
Collect lovely fish and dazzling decorations.
Different themes of aquariums to unlock.
Play games without the internet and without wifi.
Free offline game to download and play.

Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop is free to play and filled with endless fun and challenging bubble shooter puzzle games! All your fish friends are calling you! Download now and start popping for endless fun!

Any ideas for Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop, contact us through Support in the game or write us at: Bubbleblast[at]linkdesks.com

Thank you for your support! Let’s start popping in Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop!

Bubble Shooter Ocean Pop user reviews :

I’m on higher levels, 600s, n I really enjoy playing this one. There are some harder levels that take several attempts, but they are winnable. I also like the game concepts of aquariums and filling them by winning levels to earn jewels so you can buy fish and accessories. Great game!!!

  • Thanks for the 5 star rating.We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. If you have any question about the game, please contact us at bubbleblast[at]linkdesks.com. Have a nice day!

I just started playing Bubble Shooter and I’m addicted to it.I love the graphics. I love the mini games to earn xtra diamonds.i like when you are bubble shooting a certain that color lights up. It helps me. Well I gotta go I want to play more if Bubble Shooter and you all will love it!! Try it

  • Thanks for the 5 star rating.We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. If you have any question about the game, please contact us at bubbleblast[at]linkdesks.com. Have a nice day!

Update: farther you get in the game more it takes to buy any decorations for tank to even finish it. It can’t be done without spending REAL MONEY! So I’ll still play now and then but not spending real money on a fake game! they Get paid for ads after ads! Then try to force you to pay them too.. Fun game ads are tolerable fish are cute

Since the recent update, It keeps closing everytime I try to open it, please fix this issue ASAP!! I’m NOT happy at all!! I’ve uninstalled this game til this game has gotten the bugs fixed to where I can actually install it & play it once again!!

  • Hello, sorry for the issue. Could you please write the issue in detail or give us a screenshot or a video at bubbleblast[at]linkdesks.com so that make us know your issue more exactly? Sorry again and thanks for your feedback.

It keeps getting me out of the game it tells me to leave feedback or restart the game that’s the reason of my rating and the ads I like the mini games I just like fishdom but the ads at least it has a ad purchase that you can get rid of the ads but I hope once I get to a higher level I don’t have that problem that after using your internet to save your progress and something happens it will start you off at a lower level if that happens in uninstalling the game right away cause it won’t be fair.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any game interruptions you’ve experienced. Rest assured, your progress can be recovered by logging in with your original account and selecting ‘cloud backup.’ If you have any more questions or encounter issues, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to assist you!

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