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[Game] Trick Me – Brain Teasers Puzzle

Trick MeAre you ready to discover how smart you are?

If you want to have fun and ready to test your IQ, Trick Me is the best app for you! Different puzzles and word games will challenge your mind and allow you to question it.

Our original brain test game is designed as a brain quiz where each level is different and requires you to solve a logic puzzle. It helps you train your memory while also thinking strategically. More than 200 levels waiting for you to think differently.

With this game, focusing on details and concentrating has never been so much fun! Don’t forget, you can use hints anytime if you need a clue. This game is perfect not only for entertainment but also for training your brain!

Get ready to start the best trivia game and find your IQ!

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Trick Me user reviews :

I love this game, I do have trouble on some of the levels because the tap reaction is slower and sometimes faster than I tap. Some of the levels I have a hard time rotating things or making things bigger or smaller without getting an x for level failed. Those issues make it harder than it needs to be but, I continue to play because I love the brain teasers so my rating is a 5. I do however wish that you could fix the issues that I mentioned.

It is a great concept because it makes you think outside the box like so many of these games do. But after completing several levels I now find that there are ads between every level and some of them you can’t close until they have completely finish, highly frustrating and annoying. Ads may be needed to help pay for a game I understand but this is a ridiculous amount, between every level is just not necessary at all

So this game is pretty good, but too many ads! And the only way you can get keys for free is by waiting for hours on end, or watching more ads! Yes it was challenging and what not, but I have one major okay that’s not right. Theres is a level that says “hang the man” it has a stickfigure and a hanging pole thingy, okay no you’re not hanging the stick figure, but I feel it’s still implying that, so not the greatest thing for kids

The game is nice but the ads are seriously unbearable, sometimes the logic is kinda off but I still like it. I’d have no problem with the game if it weren’t for the ads! You have to either pay or watch an ad to get keys, what’s up with that? The concept is good but the ads either need to go or be reduced. Overall, it’s just the ads that bother me

Overall an enjoyable game, but sometimes the solution doesn’t seem to work until after I use a key to get the solution, then the same thing I already tried suddenly works. One level required three simultaneous presses, but the game doesn’t respond to more than two on my phone, so I had to burn two keys to skip that level after already burning one to find that I was right about what the solution was supposed to be.

  • Hello Julian, we are sorry that you get a problem like this. Our team has noted the problem and is working on hard to fix it. Thank you for your comment.

Good concept, controls aren’t the best. I had to skip some levels because the screen with glitch out in the game even though I was doing the correct solution. It wouldn’t allow me to do simple things like zooming in/out on levels that required it. Frustrating at times but you can’t complain too much when the game is free.

Fun way to pass time. Some puzzles are really tricky! Some you feel stupid for not guessing right away. Lol. It will both entertain, & make you think. Great sense of satisfaction, & sense of accomplishment for yourself when you finally realize a solution you struggled with. May not be in a majorly life changing significant…Still an awesome personal win/victory~& that can sometimes be just the boost you need! Regardless of how silly it sounds, we all need those moments occasionally!

It’s a really good game that makes you think outside the box. My only irritation is that quite often I have tried a solution that hasn’t worked, so eventually used a hint, only to find that the hint was what I had been doing anyway. I have lost many hints in this way and it is infuriating….. Otherwise good fun!

Well the app is good. I would have given you 5 star rate if it weren’t for many that come out of nowhere spoiling ones mood.sometimes one stops continuing and restart the level because of adverts that can’t leave the screen of the phone from the app but instead move back and forth from it to store. And please, can you remove the adverts or control their appearance while the app is being used

Sometimes the app is unresponsive. It would be nice to use the keys for hints too. The game isn’t bad when it works. I was tired of the unresponsiveness so I uninstalled it for now. I’m sure the devrlopers will try to fix any problems that may arise I’m giving 5 stars, because I got a quick response form the staff. Thanks guys!

  • Hello Gary, we are sorry that you get a problem like this. I will send over the feedback to our development team for review. Please follow the updates to take the fixed version. Thank you!

I have just gone out mad solving this ! Wow ! Those who say that there are adverts and this is frustrating and bla , bla …, that’s simple . Every game do have ads we can not . I think you all should off mobile data while playing the game , that may work removing the ads . And those who say that the game freezes that’s their mobile problem ! All of them does are not having the same problem . So if you feel frustated etc you may delete the game . Everything needs patience .

It’s fun until there’s math equations. It takes the fun out of it for me. After a few coming up where I had skip. I just stop playing. I don’t feel like having to sit through ads or buying keys to bypass a puzzle. Not worth it by this point of frustration.

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