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[Game] Bubble Shooter Pop – Fun Blast

Bubble Shooter PopHelp, these lovely birds  need to be rescued!

They are trapped by bubbles.Can you shooting ALL bubbles and SAVE the birds in this bubble shooter puzzle game for free?

Game Features

Unlimited chances to explore your bubble world offline.
Over 2000 captivating levels with uniquely challenging obstacles.
Colorful and relaxing brain puzzle.
Delicate and well-designed bubble graphics.
Super easy to pick up but hard to fully master.
Small game size for downloading.

Tap screen to match bubbles.
Aim and shoot strategically to collect all the bubbles.
Match and shoot bubbles to save cute baby birds.
Collect enough birds to level up.
Power-ups and special bubbles to help you blast tricky levels.

Let’s enjoy the unstoppable fun in Bubble Shooter Pop puzzle adventure!

Now download this incredible bubble shooting game in Google Play! Join with us and start your amazing bubble journey!

A big THANK YOU goes to played our games – Bubble Shooter Pop!

Bubble Shooter Pop user reviews :

Your making it impossible to try and win the levels . You have to watch a bunch of ads to just get the extra balls you need and then you give the right colors after watching all those darn ads. Game not fun anymore. And also IT CHEATS….. this new game is another better. I hope it stays that way. Thank you for responding back to me .

  • Judy,Sorry about the unpleasant. We will try our best to balance between ads and gaming experience improvement. BTW, you can turn off ads by the button. Hope you like.

Simple gameplay, if maybe a tad too easy. Played 30 levels. Was expecting it to be one of those games that are plaguing the industry where it’s level, then ad, then level, then ad, and so on. And, at first, it wasn’t, which was pleasantly surprising. Then from level 17 until 30 it became near enough one of those . Just make a game that’s good enough to stand on it’s own and people will happily pay for extras.

  • Hi Carey, thanks for your feedback! Your comments are very helpful to us. The contents that you mentioned have been adjusted, please update to the latest version! Please let us know if you have any suggestions about the game, we will keep on working to make it better! Hope we can get your 5 star next time

Excellent game. I love it. I understand the add to make money and I am all for that. But if I see one more pop up and for Bubbled Empire Champions I am going to go nuts That af pops up in the middle of playing a level and also between every level. I will never download or play that game I will play other games but the bubble empire champions I will never play cause it’s constantly shoved in my face by 20 to 25 pop up for bubble empire champions during game play in less than 30 minutes. Enough

  • Don,could you give us specific information about what bug was it? We will fix the errors ASAP.

at first I like how it has unlimited life and the apparent guide line, so I pay for free ad version. however when I get to level 400 above it seems they never give enough bubble, which force me to watch videos if I want to have a few extra bubbles to finish the level. I want a good pastime, not a way to waste time, so after I wrote this I’m gonna uninstall. thanks for the fun, it’s just no longer.

  • Francois,sorry about the unpleasant. We will try our best to balance between ads and gaming experience improvement. BTW, you can turn off ads by the button. Hope you like

I would give it a 4 star, but the game continuously freezes and I have to reboot to start it all over. I have lost so many items that I gained from watching ads. Very frustrating. It doesn’t matter which level it happens all the time. I play about 50 levels a day and it happens about 10 times.

  • Mary,are you encountering problem in any specific level? Can we have the level number please?

Fun, relaxing, a fine way to escape. Uninstalled once due to it freezing up then taking me back to the start of the level. It finally woud not go further than that level so uninstalled then reinstalled, so back to the beginning and I’ll see if it happens again.

  • Kelly,please download and install out the new version and let us know if the issues you’re experiencing are fixed. Thank

Hi we have chatted before. I am Jennifer who left the review about how great the game is but the black screen just glitches & you have to restart. I had to do a factory reset today & I lost everything as far as all my levels. I really don’t want to start at the bottom and I was up to somewhere in the 400 I believe & so I was just wondering if there’s any way that I don’t have to start at the bottom again. Just made 3 more recent purchases. It’s all gone. No refund just put me back @ my level?

  • Jen,sorry about the unpleasant. It is recommended to use facebook to log in to the game, so that you can save your game progress.Have a good day!

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