Lumen Rider – Engage in exhilarating combat

[Game] Lumen Rider

Lumen RiderPrepare for the ultimate adrenaline-fueled battles like never before!

Engage in exhilarating combat, soaring through the air on your bike!
Equip yourself with powerful weapons and embrace the rush.

Hold your breath, take aim, and unleash your skills when foes emerge.
From explosive bombs to lethal discs and blazing fire, a wide array of weapons awaits your command.
Conquer cities, deserts, ruins, and futuristic metropolises, and claim victory as your own.


Immerse yourself in breathtaking battles set in vibrant cities, illuminated by dazzling lights.
Customize your character with unique abilities through card synthesis.
Explore the shop for a vast selection of weapons and helmets.
Experience the thrill of speed and precision, dashing through the landscapes and aiming flawlessly in slow motion.
Groove to the electrifying beats that enhance the coolness of each race.
Feel the impactful hits as you unleash devastation upon your enemies.
Engage in a variety of quests and daily challenges, rich with rewards and bonuses.
Rise to the top of the leaderboard and become the ultimate champion.

Lumen Rider offers two captivating game modes:

Normal Mode: Unleash your survival skills as you face challenging stages.
Hero Mode: Dive into endless competition, fighting for the highest rank.

Language Support: English, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Recommended minimum specifications: At least Galaxy S7(Snapdragon 820 Quad Core, 4GB RAM, Adreno 530). Hero mode is not recommended for any devices below this spec.

CAUTION: Data files are saved directly to local phone and lost if apps are erased. Remove ads item can be restored with restore button in options.

READ_PHONE_STATE = Read language used by the phone to give localized language.

Lumen Rider user reviews :

Tried this game and honestly it’s really solid. You can tell a lot of effort was out in. Some of my only complaints are the abundance of menu options which kind of overwhelmed me with all the gear upgrading and such, as well as the shooting mechanic (where time slows down so you could aim) being a bummer for me as I expected it and would have enjoyed it more if I had to aim in real time. Otherwise, great game.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience playing the game. It make us somewhat emotional getting the years of efforts recognized. Hmm.. hope our updates after this review reflected some of the short comings you mentioned and future updates fulfills it. Thanks again

Im greatly enjoying this game so far. Some things for your consideration: It would be nice to have some way to change up/select the music we want to use/listen to from the games library. Also, I’ve noticed that anytime we enter shooting mode, the music pauses entirely and resumes after we’ve left bulle time. This feels kind of jarring, and I would recommend simply letting it fade into the background a bit rather than pausing it entirely. A fun game nonetheless

  • Thank you for enjoying the game. What a great review! We would love to share the decisions that are made to the game. 1st, licenses we have for the music does not allow us any type of jukebox style and it must be synced to the game. 2nd we tested both numerous times and cuz of the fast beat nature of music(faded), bullet time feeling was lost.

just found this and ive got a feeling that this could be the next big thing. only thing id rather have is a certain button for shooting to allow shooting in the air to say have more enemies and hopefully as i go further in the game there will be a few more hazards as well. anyways keep up the great work!

  • Wow, thank you for playing the game and such a compliment. The game start out relatively easy so people can get used to the controls. I’m sure you will enjoy more as the game progresses with more enemies and obstacles. Thanks again for the huge support

Fantastic! I recommend adding bosses. Make the rewards more exciting. Ads removal is a bit on the more expensive side, comparatively, so maybe not too many people can afford that. Still worth it though.

  • We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback! We appreciate your suggestions about adding bosses and improving rewards. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks again

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