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Budget PlannerBudget Planner on the go!

Your Ultimate Monthly Budget Planner and Daily Expense Tracker!

Are you tired of financial stress and complex money management apps? Look no further! Introducing Spending Tracker Pro, the all-in-one solution for your financial needs. This money tracker app is your go-to financial planner calculator. Say goodbye to financial confusion with the Money Tracker app!

Monthly Budget Planner and Daily Expense Tracker Key Features:
Monthly Budget Planner and Daily Expense Tracker;
Financial Planner Calculator;
Budget Tracker with Receipt Scanner;
Money Tracker App;
Money Manager Expense and Budget;
Spending Tracker Pro;
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Personal Finance Manager;
Budgeting Apps Free.

Money Tracker App For You:
Create your portfolio with the financial planner calculator. Keep track of where your money is going with the Personal Finance Manager. This financial planner calculator is designed to be user-friendly. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty with our monthly budget planner and daily expense tracker!

Budget Tracker with Receipt Scanner:
Our budget tracker with a receipt scanner simplifies the process. Photo and store your receipts with the financial planner calculator, ensuring every expense is accounted for. The money manager app is a budget tracker with a receipt scanner, which makes it easy to stay organized.

Powerful Dashboard With Spending Tracker Pro:
Money Manager Expense And Budget lets you access a dashboard to view your cash flow, earnings, and spending. The Spending Tracker Pro feature allows you to monitor transactions with a bar chart visually representing expenses. Take control of your money with our spending tracker pro functionality.

Automatic Draft Payment with Money Manager Expense and Budget App:
Personal Finance Manager lets you account for expenses better with the automatic draft payment function. This powerful function ensures you never miss a payment. Get the monthly budget planner and daily expense tracker now!

Budget Forecast and Budgeting Apps Free:
With Money Manager Expense and Budget, you can plan with the budget forecast feature. Create a six-month forecast based on your previous transactions with the Budget Tracker with Receipt Scanner. Budget Tracker with Receipt Scanner: The Money Tracker App is one of the budgeting apps free to download, making it accessible to everyone.

Export Reports Easily With Money Tracker App:
Export your monthly budget planner and daily expense tracker to CSV, PDF, or MS Excel files. Share your financial planner calculator data with anyone who needs access to your financial planner calculator.

Take Charge of Your Finances With Monthly Budget Planner and Daily Expense Tracker!

Get ready to embrace the world of budgeting and expense tracking with Money Manager Expense and Budget. Download the app today and experience the ease of managing your money!

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Budget Planner user reviews :

Great budgeting app for keeping track of your spending and accounts. Well designed and easy to use. The only feature I would like to see added is the ability to designate a category when doing a transfer between accounts. For example, when I transfer money from my checking account to my line of credit, I would like to record the category as debt payment. Also, you should make the name of the app (isave money) show as the name in the Play store! Thank you.

Just started using this app. It works fine so far except a couple minor problems. First of all, the category and label system is a little confusing to begin with. Second, the budget page seems to offer two different views, yet the display/theme for the compact(?) view is not consistent throughout (expense tabs looks different from income tabs). I personally prefer the compact view but the inconsistent theme is driving me a little nutty. Would be wonderful if it’s fixed. Overall l, a nice app.

  • Thank you! I will forward your request to our developers. Send us an email if you have any questions contact[at]isavemoney.app, We will be glad to assist you.

Overall a very nice app. One simple feature is very needed. When the budgetting period ends and I enter my expenses it is always recorded to the last day of the expired period. Please add warning or notification that the period has ended. It is very easy to forget to create a new budget.

  • Hello! Thank you for your review. We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with the App and are spreading a word about it. We appreciate your feedback and will do our very best to improve the App even more for you.

Very helpful for tracking day to day finances. Also easy to clone month to month, make minor tweaks and look at trends within each month. Not sure if this is already a feature but it would be nice to look at trends in budget over time (e.g. over 3 budget months)

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