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EasyBudgetLet’s face it: Most budget apps are too complicated and their design looks like it come straight from… 1994. If you are looking for a clean and easy-to-use app to manage your money then here’s the good news: With EasyBudget you just found what you need!

A list of what EasyBudget does NOT do:

Classify expenses into categories: Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Show charts and statistics: What for? Check your balance in 1 second and go on with your life!
Spam you with ads: You hate ads? Me too! No ads in the app, ever.

This app is simple, seriously simple. Exactly what you expect your budget management to be. Oh and.. It’s free!

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EasyBudget user reviews :

Really Love the app, for the free version I give it 5 stars! Straightforward! decided to finally get that paid premium monthly. However, 2 things: 1. I could not merge the offline mode to one of my “online accounts” so had to redo everything again from scratch trying to copy my offline records 2. Even with a high speed internet, it always loads. Like literally every time you change a month, or even a date, it always buffers. Too slow once you started inputing a bunch of items (5+ months record)

  • Hey, can you please send me an email at easybudget[at]benoitletondor.com so that we can debug that? That’s definitely not the normal experience. Thanks, Benoit

just started using it and so far I like it. was a little confusing at 1st but after a few minutes playing with it I got the hang and concept of it. I did not go for the upgraded 1 but the free 1 and that works perfect for me. I’m sure the upgraded 1 u can add ur bank account but I don’t like to do that. I like how I can add reoccurring income or expenses as needed

Only been using this app for a week. I used Prism for years until they closed down. So far, so good. I wanted a simple app to record my bills to be paid each month, but not a bunch of bells & whistles. My only requested upgrade is that each bill is able to be marked & shown as paid, preferably when looking at the monthly calendar.

Simple and straightforward. A note to the Developers, PLEASE don’t get wrapped up in other reviews asking for more bells, whistles, and tracking. If users want that kind of app, there are plenty of options out there for them. Don’t mess up the simplicity of this design. I enter all of my recurring transactions and can see in a glance what is actually available.It’s perfect!

Tried 6/7 different budgeting apps. This one is easily the best no question. Edited to 4 stars, down from 5. The only thing I find annoying, is the fact I can’t purchase the premium version. It’s subscription based which is horrible. I’d happily pay 15 bucks for lifetime access. But a subscription based service for a budgeting app that doesn’t provide a continuous stream of content? Hard pass.

For the free version, 5 starts. However, I bought the subscription, and I thought my household of 4 would be able to edit the budget. Turns out I would have to buy multiple subscriptions to edit one budget screen. I hope in the future they will give a discount for multiple users as I really love the concept of the app. I just couldn’t use it for my needs, sadly

  • Hey, please send me an email at easybudget[at]benoitletondor.com to explain your use case specifically, I’m happy to discuss this with you! Thanks, Benoit

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