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[Game] Bug Heroes – Tower Defense

Bug HeroesControl powerful heroes, unlock dozens of tower types, and craft your perfect defense in an exciting blend of action, strategy and tower defense!

Master 10 Bug Heroes, each with their own play style, abilities, and weapons; from the Spider Assassin to the Ant Engineer, to the Worm Demolitions Expert, and more! Scavenge for food and junk, build turrets, level up your heroes and towers, equip upgrades, and defend against the enemy!

An exciting mix of action, tower defense, and RPG style upgradeability
Jaw dropping, stylized graphics
Huge single player campaign spanning an entire neighborhood of houses
Dozens of towers to unlock and experiment with – craft your defense however you choose
Discover a unique world with interesting heroes, each with their own unique play style, abilities, and personalities
RPG style progression with level ups, upgrades, equipment, and more
Tons of enemy variety to keep gameplay fresh
Take direct control of your heroes from a 3rd person camera, or play like a traditional tower defense game with a classic overhead camera

We truly respect your time and support, and we hope you enjoy Bug Heroes: Tower Defense! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need help, please contact us at info[at]foursakenmedia.com

Bug Heroes user reviews :

Played 35h so far and about 1/3 of the completion done. This TD is really great! While it can be challenging, the progress is pretty smooth and well balanced. No need to grind like crazy to pass a level and you can unlock heroes just by playing normally. I hope new game modes will be added like a “pvp” endless mode with a leaderboard, with a predetermined setup of heroes and towers (everyone same) for example.. Good job! Thanks ☺️ Edit: make my phone heat up a lot sometimes,need optimization

Another great addition to the Bug Heroes games. Fun tower defense with the usual Bugs and Heroes, good amount of content and fun gameplay loop. UI feels much more smoother and clean compared to previous games, feels a lot more fleshed out. Brilliant game to sink some time into, loving it! EDIT: Dropping a star for forcing me to watch ads ontop of having ads placed almost everywhere anyway.

Great game I use the backbone controller and would love to use it for moving the heroes and other quick play options. As far as tower def games go.. old and new.. this one is a must have the graphics are amazing. The gameplay is exciting. Also like the bug concept. Needs to get backbone supported my only request thus far

Wow this is a fun game. It’s simple to learn, and what a blast to master. The amount of towers, upgrades, and having ten different heroes to play with gives a great variety to it. A variety in game modes, too… really, it’s another polished Foursaken Media game and well worth checking out!

  • Thanks for the kind words and all the excellent beta testing and feedback you’ve given us over the past months (and years, with our other games). We really appreciate your continued support!

This game is so fun! The bugs have little character voices, which is adorable, and it’s important to make a TD stand out amongst the rest and this one has done that, it’s different. It’s the best. It’s gameplay is amazing, graphics, amazing, it runs smoothly. I love it.

It’s great to see that foursaken still makes Bug Heroes games, been a fan since the first Bug Hero game. Keep doing a good job guys!!! Side note, maybe make the ultimate abilities less flashy…

This is by far the best TD hands down! They’ve taken every possible aspect of the genre and boosted it sky high. The gameplay is polished and the sound design is great

I love the concept of the game but the execution seems lacking, the UI is confusing, controls are terrible and the graphics aren’t that good, I think you need to do as kingdom rush did, less is more!

Very unique aspect and gameplay on a tower defense game. It’s not just a stack, upgrade, and watch game. It’s a stack, upgrade, and play game. You have a controllable bug.

  • Thank you for playing!! And thanks for the kind words, as well!

Incredible it was free and it has good graphics and I have had no issues with playing overall an incredible experience.

Hii, I’m Mind-Blowing Gamerz. This game was was very fun to play with lots of bug characters you can use at for disposal with good amount guns & other weapons that could evolve. By the way my favourite Bug in game is flea, What is yours? Let me know in comment on my YouTube channel.

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