Mad Survivor – Battle your way out of chaos

[Game] Mad Survivor – Arid Warfire

Mad SurvivorWhen the old world fell, new orders would rise. Welcome to the wasteland.

On this arid terrain, sanity and prosperity have been ripped away by apocalyptic nuclear attacks. Barbarian evilness is the new law, while civilization is long dead—at least that’s what the wastelanders say. However, there’re still righteous minds who put their faith in dispersing the darkness and bringing the order back, for they know it’s the only right way to survive and thrive.

Will you be the one to battle your way out of chaos and turn this war-torn land into a new oasis? It’s time to show the wasteland your true power!


Build the Base safe and strong to fuel your wasteland adventure. In this desert haven, you can manage everything from building construction to resource production. Give your command to lead this empire to a brighter future.

Recruit mighty Heroes and develop an invincible army to defend your Base and sweep the foes. Get ready to team up with Heroes with unique combat skills, train various types of soldiers to elevate your army power, and let your military strength do the talking on the wasteland.

Dispatch scouts to clear out the haze and find out what’s waiting ahead—hidden riches, new foes, and desert buildings for you to occupy. Embark on Expedition to take down enemies and reap abundant rewards.

Survival can be easier when united with your trusted ones. Build or join an Alliance to find fellow fighters and form an invincible force, help each other to develop faster, and carry out strategic combats against your enemies to enjoy group wins and shares.

Ready to build an empire and take the shots? Start your journey now and stay safe out there, Boss!


Network connection is required.
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Mad Survivor user reviews :

Great game good graphics but can be alittle confusing alot going on developers may want to stremlime things alittle more them again ive only been playing for a couple days I still have alot to learn but think can be a good game. Have soent most time building things and trying to learn the controls but there are so many events and things going on hard to keep track of everything. Just joined an allince today and will see how that goes I will keep playing and review agaim in a week or two.

Just started playing, slow to get into game, kind of boring at first. cost to build is reasonable. I think adding the ability to buy a hero directly would be a good idea but not too high priced or people will just play longer, upgrade the free heroes but get bummed out for it taking so long. Just my opinion. Cool game though. I won’t delete it yet.

It looks fun on 1st sight, however this is just another template game, where you are building your base and train uilnits. You need to wait hours and go back again (or spend €) to do anything. The content is literally bloated with many resource and currency types that are needed for particular building or hero upgrades. Played for 2 months.

  • Hi, sorry for not giving you a good gaming experience. Thanks for your comment. We will forward your concern to our development team. Hope u have a good time.

Would give it more stars but some of the upgrading for free to play players takes to long, I would have expected to get to level 10 by now and I’m stuck due to the lack of versatile pieces and the cost for research upgrades cost more with those pieces plus resources are little. Also if you can make the second construction piece available to buy for coins instead of a monthly payment for f2p players I’d change my rating

Well to be honest I played first game they had then they came out with another one and then this one but now being told after spending money on all 3 versions that the first 2 are being closed. I enjoyed the game all versions but if they plan to close them and we lose money now that some paid alot for then I may stop playing all together as to me this is theft by deception to a degree. They should just return all my funds on the other 2 that they closing back to our cards

Great game Great social platform allows you to play with your friends and to make new friends around the world I. Highly recommend it. This is a highly improvement from the last 2 versions. They really haven’t improved the platform and made it much more simple and this is the final version.

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