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Calibria1. Balance adjustment of all hero skills

2. All heroes can be upgraded to 6 Stars

3. Light/Dark 5 Stars can be extracted with diamonds

4. A strategic RPG with a high degree of freedom woven by more than 200 heroes came on stage!


The war around the sacred “holy spar” kicked off in the Caribbean continent.

The guardian of the holy crystal of the ancient Summoner family was surrounded by the enemy and had no choice.

Protected by the dwarven jetley from the enemy’s attack, you, as the last descendant of the guardian Saint crystal family, take the airship AK to travel with the “Saint crystal” who controls the destiny of the Caribbean continent.

“Demon or lie?”

In a world where we don’t know whether the devil did it or the human desire did it, and who wants to take it away, only one can be trusted.

Download it now and start a new adventure! Now lead the great heroes of the Caribbean continent to save the world!


[gather more than 200 heroes!]

“You can collect more than 200 heroes from five camps. The heroes of each camp have rich skills.

Enjoy the historic battle with the legendary heroes!

Free combination of heroes into the strongest team, fight with the dark forces! ”

[cultivate your favorite hero skills!]

“It’s up to you to develop any hero skills!

All heroes have skill trees that can be customized.

Learn skills in battle, let heroes evolve and release various skills!

[defeat the boss through strategy!]

“Heroes belong to five camps: order, chaos, evil, light and darkness.

Choose the hero you like, let the hero and the character of roon wear it, and make your own strongest team!

After being the strongest team, you can conquer the tasks of infinite tower, main stage, arena and underground city! ”

[manual? Automatic? It’s all up to you!]

“Caribbean combat, you can switch between manual mode and automatic mode at any time!

Because it can rotate automatically, you can play easily when you are busy! ”

[players all over the world can cooperate and compete!]

“Hero sect, help your friends win!”!

Assist other players to fight together in the guild, and strive for glory with the goal of ranking top! ”

Contact address (English only)

e-mail address: cs[at]

Calibria user reviews :

To be honest I wasn’t so sure about this game at first. I played the previous version under the old developers at launch and quickly dropped the game. Under the new team, the game has been amazing! They are constantly adding new things and respond quickly to bugs and player feedback. I am having a blast!

I was looking for something to play after I got bored of summoners war years ago, and I found this. The game is similar to summoner’s war, but they removed some annoying mechanics to make it less tedious, like the leveling process. Their summon rate seems acceptable as they make sure you get least some 4 stars every now and then. They are active in updating the game and fixing bugs, and support is very responsive when I had some login problems. Would recommend this game if you like gacha games.

I can’t finish Mount Eyja in hell mode because the game keeps crashing. I’ve restarted the phone several times, removed the sound and effects, but nothing works. What a boring thing…

This is a good game. I find it alluring, though some other titles do seem to dwarf it, visually as well as with sound. Seems this title had a rough launch, but I think it’s a good game, fun, and deserving of a try! The skill system is pretty darn awesome though, really enjoy being able to choose the skills to use, though at this point, original skillset seems fine. Draw system is on the players side, always pulling something new and exciting! 4 stars!

This game has been improved since the last the time and I gotta like some of the new changes like for example were are capable of getting lnd 5 stars from regular scrolls and they’ve upped the chance of getting normal 5* to 2%. Most of the events give tons of rewards like energy,diamonds,skill cats, rainbow cats, even faction scrolls or sacred/lnd scrolls. The one I like the most is the rebate event, every 5 scrolls you use you get one back and at 100 summoned you get a sacred scroll once only.

Fun but very hard to level characters and so far no good exp stages. I even used the exp booster and it barly made a diff. I have a quest to expand my character inventory that wont clear for me after doing it multiple times. The game could be 5* but its missing a few needed things like exp stages, item drop rates need to be bosted and energy goes too fast with buying more or waiting being the only option for more.

Buggy. Crashes often and UI breaks. Good heroes are hard to come by. Need an auto translate in comment sections! Pointless otherwise. Game when working is fun

  • Thank you for your support, you can use the gift package code: Calibria888, if you have any questions, you can contact the customer service staff through facebook, we will help you solve the problem within 48 hours.

I bought packs. And my summon rate dropped drastically. And they say we can’t do anything. This game will never grow if they continue to scam like this. They drop the summon rate when people buy. Once I lost a maxed out account because they closed the server. Now they are stealing all over again.and it is silly of me to play this game again. Don’t play this game. You will only lose.

This game is incredible! If you enjoy Summoners War and turn-based RPGs, you’ll get addicted to this. There’s plenty to do, the game is easy to learn and full of strategies. The only thing I wish they had was mass selling of runes. Either I don’t know how to mass sell or it’s not implemented yet. I’m giving this a 5 star cause I’ve tried a handful of new games lately and Uninstalled each one recently. But this one has me hooked!

Contact developer :


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