Cantina Royale – Dominate the multiplayer shooting arena

[Game] Cantina Royale – Fun PvP Battle

Cantina RoyaleShoot, clash & brawl in 3v3 or PvP shooting game modes, dominate your enemy, unlock new customizable characters and weapons, climb up the leaderboards and be the winner of Cantina’s universe.

Cantina Royale is a FREE online multiplayer pvp arena shooter game with explosive PvP battles and deep hero progression. In this top down tactical shooter game, you can play battle arena matches against players from around the world with maps designed for fast PvP combat and battles that take only 5 minutes!


PvP Battle other players real-time in Free For All arena matches or invite your friends and join others to test your teamwork in the upcoming 3v3 Team Game modes like Team Clash, Killstreak, Coop vs AI, and the battle arena.

Team Clash – Play as a team and eliminate your opponents.
Killstreak – Kills give increasing points as long as you can stay alive.
Coop vs AI – Join forces with other players to eliminate bots.

Arena Royale – Once you’ve racked up enough shooting experience, you can put your skills to the test in the ultimate competitive shooting game mode. Compete in weekly leaderboards, earn unique rewards and rise up through the Arena Ladder.


Explore the universe of Cantina Royale where humanoid animals brawl and clash with each other to dominate the multiplayer shooting arena.
Join the adventures of an ape, a tiger, a gator, and other bloodthirsty brawler animals in this colorful sci-fi universe.


Customize and upgrade your characters! Shoot your enemy, it will improve your hero’s base stats, as well as their Ultimate ability to win . At level 30 you unlock Talents, which will allow you to get new and exciting bonuses.


In order to be the best tactical shooter choose between a wide variety of space weapons. Do you like machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers? Or do you prefer more exotic weapons like shock gun, laser gun, and pulse gun? The choice is yours.


Unlock brawlers, weapons, and special skills, and upgrade them to increase your shooting power.


Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the brawlers leaderboards?


Complete battling missions in weekly Events or battle through competitive shooting tournaments for glory in the upcoming game updates. Prove your worth to win big, and write your name in the Cantina Royale history.


Cantina Royale is an ultimate battle simulator game where you can earn real money by simply playing. No need to purchase anything! Just play and earn.


This sci-fi online multiplayer shooting game is free to play but some items are available for purchase. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

Cantina Royale user reviews :

This game looks promising from what I’ve seen. Although the game refuses to load past the “practice match” loading screen, it only says ‘Looking for game…’, then ‘finding players’ for a split second before looping again. I’ve waited several minutes and have restarted the app a few times beforehand.

  • Thanks for letting us know about your experience, and we’re sorry to hear about the loading issues. We’re actively working to optimize the game for a smoother experience. Your feedback is invaluable as we make these improvements. Stay tuned for updates!

Your arena royale players match up is so bad. Even if someone wants to play this they will just get frustrated and leave the damn game. You should work on your arena royale option. The game is good but before the match it is just frustrating.

This game is fun,good graphics,the game mechanic is perfect..but waiting for other player to join is too long, sometimes it took 30minute..i can sleep waiting

  • Hello there! We’re sorry to hear you’re facing issues with matchmaking. We’re continuously working to improve player matchmaking for a more balanced and enjoyable experience. Thank you for your feedback, it’s crucial for our ongoing efforts to enhance the game. Stay tuned for future updates!

Good game but why do you have to wait several hours before opening a box that you get ???? When you get a box you should be able to open it straight away and not several hours later

  • Thank you for your feedback and for enjoying our game! The wait time for opening boxes is designed to add an element of anticipation and strategy to the game. Stay tuned for more exciting features and improvements!

Love it but keeps freezing up in mid Game needs to updated.. New Maps An 2 New Pets But The Game is Fun So Please Fix 2 get 5 stars..

  • Thank you for your feedback and the love for Cantina Royale! We’re aware of the freezing issues and are actively working to fix them. Exciting updates, including new maps and features, are on the way. Your enjoyment is our priority, and we hope to earn that 5-star rating from you soon! Stay tuned!

Big problem is when we play MSG say idol for long time and player kick out match and we can not play we loss our game without playing it’s irritating because it’s happen many many time hope you solve this problem

Great game but lacks some great aspects such as world chat, creating teams with your friends

Love it great game nice graphics fairplay love the way it feels great game cant put it down

Not opening in xiaomi mi 9. Please solve that. I heared this problem is in xiaomi phones

The current version is addictive and smooth, looking forward to more amazing updates

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