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[Game] Mahjong Jungle

Mahjong JungleMahjong Jungle Solitaire is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of mahjong tiles rather than cards.

Find out the secret of this puzzle game, match all artwork large tiles, check the patience and strength of your mind!The goal is to match open pairs of identical mahjong tiles and remove them from the board. Lots of layouts, Will you be able to finish them all and become the game master?

MahJong features:
hint, undo and shuffle options
HD graphics
900+ layouts
Earn coins and unlock more boards
Every layout can be win
Zoom in & Zoom out

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Mahjong Jungle user reviews :

There r many side games, but the merge game doesn’t work at all. We’re supposed to get supplies to play it by playing mahjong,but get nothing. Same with other game. No way to change the tiles to the options in the pics on here. Plus, I can’t stand tiles moving when I play game. Also, renovation has no options, not cute or pretty. At least fix the game, plus don’t show tiles here we can’t get.

Nice game but I can not complete any quest. Keep playing, level 360 so far, but something is wrong…says you are not ranked yet… Frozen at area 7. Plus, what i play does not match pics. Shame…

5* Stars for Sure! Best Game App, Out there! x2 Suggestions:) (x1) the piggy bank comes up, it would be good if I can read my score in piggy. Would u make money stay longer…so people like me, who are dyslexic, OUR Brain Struggle to Read fast… I like to try & beat OWN SCORE of MONEY! X2 It would be GOOD if we could BE Rewarded with money 4 Playing yr Games & money could be used in Tesco 4 food… U No Food Money IS Tight for People, I’m Physical Disabled it would help me &other peopleTHX Vi

Doesn’t look like the pictures, I was excited for the cute colourful tiles but was disappointed. I also cannot get any side content to work like dice. However it’s not a bad mahjong game.

Although the game sometimes can be highly frustrating too play. When you ave 5 lives and there’s a zero win. And again again. I am still plodding on and enjoying this matching tile game. I’m on the level where the are feeding at the moment. I see that you also ave a master version too play. But it’s not in offline mode yet What I like especially about these tiles is they are white with colourful items on. Which I find is on the too other types of tile colour games.

I installed Mahjong Jungle because it have a cute and funny mission. B U T when I started to play Mahjong Jungle, it is very big not like the creator show on the board. Sorry to say..but this game is boring. Hope the creator create Mahjong Jungle just like the picture on the board instead of trick player.

It seems like a good game and I know I spend ouers on this game but unfortunately the game stops or it kicks u out I can’t play like this

This matching tile game is so relaxing and something wonderful to play after a long night working. I can’t wait to come back every day to indulge myself in the gameplay.

love jour games so much love it so match wery kind and nice games love it wery match love it

I love this Game and yes I would recommend it to a friend

Cute graphics but too many ads, they are longer than most levels.

Exciting a little different from other mahjong games,looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Love playing these games they are strategic and set to time your progress and speed

I like the game residents well,except for the way it keeps moving all over the place.

Love it but can’t check back to see if you’ve gotten all three stars in each game.

I do luv this one but if some advice from a player .. monthly tasks would be great

Great game good colours great graphics, hours of great fun

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