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[Game] Car Parking 3D Pro – City Drive

Car Parking 3D ProIf you are looking for an awesome car parking simulator game then Car Parking 3D Pro: City Car Driving is the very one to perfect your driving skills!

One simple rule: steer away from the barriers on the road to prevent your car from getting bumped or scratched, carefully drive it in the assigned parking lot. This task may seem as easy as pie, but it can be quite difficult even for professional drivers.


Enjoy your driving experience with 3D graphic, a rear-view mirror, FPP view (First-Person-Perspective), gearbox, proximity sensor, turn signals, traffic lights and satisfying engine sound.

Car Parking 3D Pro provides Parking and License Mode, with 200 levels, newest day and night city map. Every single level is unique, brought you a total different experience and keep you entertained for hours.

Classic and sporty car, which do you prefer? Don’t forget we have jeeps, vans, buses, ambulance and police car as well!

Who doesn’t like shopping? This is a parking game, but you can buy a whole new car or a shield protection to conquer the multilevel game system.

Log in via Facebook, invite your friends, challenge them and become a Parking Master on worldwide leaderboards. But don’t forget your Throne is at stake, targeted by millions of daily player

Download NOW for free. Let’s get in your dream car to begin the journey. And always remember safety first!

Car Parking 3D Pro user reviews :

This game is great. Many levels are a challenge and each level is different. There a few minor bugs, such as in the license levels when driving on the wooden platforms the wheels get stuck in the small gaps between the individual platforms. Another slight drawback is that when in the inside view the camera is fixed, making it really difficult to see cars in the front and on the side when the mirrors are not able to see them.

  • We will fix the problem. Thank you for the feedback.

Love it; the steering wheel works correctly. Unlike some other apps that don’t allow you to turn it correctly, even when your clearly turning it. And aside from being able to turn it correctly, its on the right side…which is excellent because, most people are right-handed. Only thing i dont understand is, that when i’m in driver license mode, once i reach the end by the security lady and press park, the test is not ending. And, then it says time up. Unless its only happening on my phone ?

Once I got to the level 20 and tried the other game with a “license” and once I got to the end to put the car in park, it always said “turn off engine” and then I would have to do the course all over. Even though I was putting the car IN park. VERY FRUSTRATING!! Deleted the game once thinking it was just an error in the game and then downloaded it again, and STILL the same thing happened. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • We understand this can be frustrating. We are working towards making this better. We would appreciate it if you could send us the details at feedback[at]

When you first start off the game it gives you a basic run through of the controls, witch I do like but you can’t keep the same angle you want. Each time you mess up it sets it back to the original angle. Also the “oh no” is VERY annoying! I don’t know why they added it. When you get to different level you can’t even choose how you want to park witch is also annoying.

  • We really appreciate your feedback and we’re working on it to improve players’ experience. Please hang onto upcoming updates and see improvements. Thank you!

I will edge everyone to play this game before going for a driving license. My testimony is i passed my license on the first attempt. My instructor asked me if i have drove a car before but no. The steering and paddles are very smooth, challenging and fun. I love this game. I can never stop playing it. Good job and thanks to the developer. Five stars  for me.

Great game and if some more features can be added then better: 1. Vibration when accelerator and brake are pushed. 2. Hand brake should be added. 3. Mini map should be added, in particular when the map is big I really can’t find the correct way with just a vague direction indicating arrow… Rear mirror should be shown all the times.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

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