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[Game] Idle Food Bar – Food Truck

Idle Food BarDo you want to be a food tycoon?

Get into this restaurant management sim game now, start as a street food bar, recruit staff and upgrade to earn more money, then open a bigger restaurant!

Simple and easy to start, just tap for fun
Strategically upgrade your restaurants to maximize revenue
Various restaurants and food waiting for you to unlock

If you like simulation tycoon games and idle simulation game, give Idle Food Bar a try. Use your wits to break into the restaurant business and become a tycoon!

Idle Food Bar user reviews :

Town of Doom event is literally a buggy mess, as soon as you close the game, all progress is reset completely! I almost managed to complete the last phase by letting my phone idle all day, only for the progress to be wiped as soon as i closed the game. And this happens WHILE logged in, and it always resets no matter your progress. The developer is also ignoring emails from DAYS about this

So far I’ve been enjoying the game. Some parts go kind of slow but in okay with that. The only big bummer that made me want to stop playing was after spending hours on the timed “tower of doom” I made pretty good progress starting it right as the event started. Randomly today when I opened the game all of my progress on the even had disappeared and started me over, made me turn the game off immediately

Fun game but definitely needs more content. Finished the main part of game over the weekend and am left with nothing to do except wait for random chance at gems. One thing I didn’t like was the random events don’t let you collect all gems if your at the end. One mission is to buy tables, which I can’t do. At least allow a level reset so we test strategies or get these gems. At least this way there is some reason to play outside of events. Spent some money on the game so I’m hoping they add more

Games like this are some of my favorites when implemented well, but this one starts off far too slowly with 5 minute boosts. Games should hook before they become slogs, and idle games shouldn’t need 5 minute intervals for boosts.

it’s fun. would be a 5 star if it didn’t have lag issues from time to time after watching ads. may edit if the experience changes

You actually put a crab in the pot with a glass lid! The attention to detail! Cute art and animations, doesn’t heat my phone, love it!

One of the better games of this type. But your ad improvment buttons are disabled for some reason. Just find that weird.

This game is fun and too easy. But, it passes me from bored to entertained. It’s cool

very fun game I love it. hope you enjoy it too. but lots of fun and addictive.

It’s a really fun game and the graphics are really good

Overall I like the game I can’t move forward because the next location is coming soon I’m at a standstill can’t even do the new event because I can’t get the materials to start the event

quick and easy to play…not waiting all day to gain funds needed to level up machines and workers…Good job.

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