Case Hunter – Help people restore the peace life

[Game] Case Hunter – Brain funny Cases

Case HunterA succession of detective cases to make the city was plunged into chaos…
Under the glamorous surface, the city hiding all kinds of evil.
In order to help people restore the peace life, as a great detective you are obliged to do it!
Find out the truth, find the hidden clues, it’s time to show your true wisdom!

Case Hunter is a highly-interactive game of investigation, A chic art style with hidden details to bring you the ultimate object-finding gameplay experience. Find the hidden items, use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies! If you love brain games, mind games, or some interesting detective games, maybe it’s a great challenges for you!

Game Features:
1.Chic art style and superb bgm sound effects bring immersive game experience!
2.Challenge levels: normal case, murder case and more.
3.Multiple game part: Crime scene investigation, manage hotel, collect…,We have all challenges you like!
4.Find hidden objects, clue analysis, guessing reasoning, and case-closing!
5. idle hotel

There is always only one truth!
Can you complete the mission?

Case Hunter user reviews :

Nice entertaining game, lots of missions and even if you don’t have energy you can take care of the garden or the hotel… I recommend it for anyone how likes easy but not obvious detective problems to solve … BUUUT there’s a ‘but’. When you want to play with the female version of the detective… In the story or some icons like when you have to play with 2 characters, it appears as the male version

  • Thank you for participating in our beta test! We have received your feedback and you can join our Discord community at to provide more information and communicate with us further.

It was cool until I got to case 13 and completed the maze drawer, collected the gear and the bottom drawer didn’t open and give me the other half of the picture that I need to close the case. And there’s is no way to contact support so, guess I will delete this game. No need to recommend it to anyone since there are silly errors like this  EDIT: THE ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED. THANK YOU!

So sorry for the bad experience. Some of the device models may occur this problem. To improve it, could you contact us at[at] and provide any relevant screenshots or videos? Thank you so much for offering helpful information.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this app! The levels were fun and the annoying ads were few, and when you watched them, you got something out of it! I finished all the levels in 3 days and finished the hotel in 6. I hope they add more, but it seems remarkably unlikely, given that it’s been over a year since they added a new level.

  • Hello, dear, we are sorry to hear that you are displeased! We are working hard to make more challenging and creative levels. Please look into further updates for improvement! We sincerely hope that you can have a good time in our game.

Very cool game. Great mind activities to keep you going all day. I love the game and it’s really addicting, which is why I’ve basically finished everything until the new features and cases are implanted into the gaming data. Do you guys have an estimate on when you will release this? I recommended it to my friends too.

  • Many thank-yous! We’ll adjust our game according to your feedback. Hope you enjoy our game! Have fun! If you have more suggestions and ideas, you can join our Discord community at to communicate with us.

It is a very fun game however I have already finished the game not puzzle wise but I’ve finished the 3 hotels and I actually had an idea for another hotel at the moment there is the first one the spooky hotel and the underwater hotel so I was thinking maybe a forest hotel where the building could be a treehouse and for characters there could be a hunter, lumberjack, a bird watcher or a bird feeder, and I was thinking wearwolf but I’m not sure about that one. But great game I recommend

  • Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to us. We’ll never stop to better the game. Wish you a fantastic day! If you have more suggestions and ideas, you can join our Discord community at to communicate with us.

Its a great game, but the only setback is that it doesn’t save the progress. Like there are games when you uninstall it and then reinstall it after few days, the data and progress are saved. But it doesn’t happen in this one. After reinstalling it you have to play all the levels from the start.

  • Your assistance is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for being willing to share your feedback with us. They are of great importance to us. Enjoy the game! If you have more suggestions and ideas, you can join our Discord community at to communicate with us.

It’s great & fun. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s entertaining and full of potential thus free no fees & etc. Ads are not too frustrating, no boring moments at all. Anyone can play for free and enhance your problem solving skills

just starting but it’s pretty good, but BEWARE I paid 2$ for no adds.. and only if there’s a reward but thats how they get you cause i did that and now legit EVERY minute i get a reward add in game that you HAVE TO WATCH and its actually making me want to un-download and take the 2$ loss cause its ridiculous how the app gets you like that

  • Thank you for participating in our game! We have received your feedback and you can join our Discord community at to provide more information and communicate with us further.

I love this game alot, especially the extra cases but two things:why can’t we get hints through daily rewards and two,the clues are harder than I thought. I would like it if these buggies are eliminated

Great game! BUT it’s gets a 4 star for 2 reasons (but I’m nice, so I give 5 stars) 1. TWICE I had encountered a glitch that I had to use my clues to skip over because the “parts” weren’t moving when tapped and I couldn’t progress in the game. 2. I completed the game within a month. It NEEDS more levels. It currently has 83 main levels and 13 case files and I’ve completed them all and I’m in need of more.

Cute graphics. Hints and diamonds can be gained by watching ads. It has a combination of puzzle solving game, taking care of hotels and completing 3 gardens. I don’t understand the purpose of some of the plants in the garden as there are some seeds which were never used. Please add more chapters to the story, more hotels and gardens as I’ve completed all of them.

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