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Cat Cooking BarBig news! Have you heard? A cat cooking bar has opened on the corner!

It is a heartwarming management simulation game.How adorable it is to see cute kitty creating delicious foods! Welcome to the fluffy cat snack bar, where the kittens help you relax, chase away worries, and experience a wonderful healing time!

As the owner of a cat snack bar, you will encounter different cat customers every day and prepare various dishes that cats want!
Cook cat soup, taiyaki, lemonade, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas and so much more in this cute cat game!
Hire adorable feline staff: including ragdoll cat, tabby cat, big orange cat, British Shorthair and more!
You’ll also deal with cat customers with unique tastes and get on good terms with an eccentric chef!
Don’t worry, as long as you manage with care, there will always be a steady stream of customers visiting your animal restaurant.

Make the stress disappear, heal your soul
The cute and warm cats in the game, along with the cute meowing sounds of the cats, will greatly relax and satisfy your mind and body! All the sounds are like ASMR! This is a healing game! A good stress-free idle tycoon game!

Simple gameplay, easy to pick up
The cats can manage the restaurant on their own and actively help you earn coins!
Accept orders, cook, deliver the food to the customers’ tables, and collect the money!
You can just sit back and relax! You can open the game anytime, anywhere to check on the cats and enjoy your leisure time!

If you are one of these gamers, it‘s for you!
1.Whoever loves cat games, clicker games, or idle games.
2.Whoever loves enjoy healing games, ASMR games, to relax their mind and relieve fatigue.
3.Whoever loves food games, cooking games, simulation games, or tycoon games, to experience easy management and joyful gameplay.
4.Whoever loves cute games or offline games. When you’re tired from work or studying, open the game and relax with the cats.
5.People who enjoy both offline and free games.

If you like free idle simulation cat tycoon games,The cutest addictive cooking simulation cat life idle games around! This snack bar will make you relax and feel inner peace.

Embark on your journey to becoming a cat restaurant tycoon with this cute, lovely and adorable cat restaurant! The cat chef welcomes you.

Cat Cooking Bar user reviews :

So far there are no intrusive ads, which is a plus from the other Cat food tycoon game, even thought it looks like a clone. The cooking animations could do some work though, it’s lazily done and makes the game look sloppy. The loading screens don’t have any animation going on, which can make players mistaken that the game froze.

this game is great! just started playing, I love the little cats, and the overall graphics are so cute!! I recommend this game if you want to waste a little bit of time, it’s very enjoyable, no ads (unless you want to watch some for a booster)

Very cute and easy to play. Ads are for extra cash ou x2 revenue. But once you move to next level you can’t go back :( I wish I could go back bc everything is so cute

When the ad for x2 income comes up, the money doesn’t move, you don’t see what you have. or when the ad for example 125k comes up it also doesn’t reflect. the ad for the package also comes up at random times when you upgrading your food items

I love this game too much I can,t stop playing it, I used to play it 4 hours and I download it yesterday, I can complete 50 levels in 20 min and 2 stores at 2 hours I have earned many coins in this game but more than 100 K , it,s a very nice game please launch more games like this, please. I like it too much.

I like the graphics are cute but it’s not the game for me, some people might find it relaxing but it’s not for me it’s just you have to tap the button to increase the price & some other side things.

this game makes me very impatient but it’s still quite fun to play and the cats are very cute and they just make me want to jump inside the screen.So yeah that’s all I have to say and I think that whoever is reading this should play the game.

Cute Cats and very addicted to play it’s good but there’s a bug the you can’t see the total profit of the coins it’s bugging that’s the only one thing problem fix it and add more event

I’m stuck at one level and couldnt get through to next level, although I have accomplished all the worktops.

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