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Cat DiaryCat Diary is fun, relaxing, & idel Cat collector and Cat Merge kitty games you can play ever! Over 40 cute fluffy cats waiting for you to give them cat trees, take them to Cat House, decorate them in cat rooms with Cat Condo and so many adorable toys.

In Cat Diary, you can merge cute cats together, decorate cat trees, feed them and enter the cute cats adventuret! Play with the cute kittens, before you know it, all your daily stress will vanish!

This relaxing pet game will soon be your free cute cat addicting games to pass the time with you adorable, awesome and lovely kawaii kitty cats even when you are offline and without wifi. To play, all you need to do is collect and merge different kinds of cute and kawaii cats and build a beautiful cat condo for them.

Merge cute cats, unlock very rare cat breeds of furry kittens, feed your pets with their favorite meals. Collect them and become a master kitty collector!

Gameplay of Relaxing cats & kittens games
Start with a small kitty. Then combine, mix and match your kittens to upgrade them to majestic cats.
Bathe and Collect various accessories to dress up your cats
Feel warm inside from just looking at the cats. Gotta collect them all!
Earn coins and diamonds to upgrade and dress up your cat condo.
Buy various toys for your cute kittens.
Let your cat travel and start a wonderful adventure in relaxing games!

Idle Cat Games Feature
Eazy, relaxing & satisfying.
40+ kawaii kitty to merge and collect!
Customize and decorate your dream cat condo & cat tree.
Play fun and addictive kitty games to earn more coins.
Watch your condo grow to a big tower which is filled with toys all over.
Discover and unlock many types of cats. Complete achievements and gain rewards.
Gain coins even when you are idle or offline.

More than 40 kinds of cute cats
You will enjoy relaxing gameplay and find out about new cat breeds like:
Chubby soft adorable British Shorthair,Gentle RagDoll Cat. Kawaii Japanese neko atsume, Smart siamese kitten, Charmingly naive Garfield,Noble Bengal cat.
And about other kitty cats to create your own kawaii animal world, virtual cat cafe or cat hotel and have it in your pocket!

Travel in this kitty games
Traveling in the Cat Diary has many stories and is an adorable adventure.
Start the journey from different styles of scenes, trigger various interesting travel events.
Take your cats to travel around the world and encounter different scenery in cat games.

Decorate Your Cat Condo
Build a tower for cats with endless rooms for your little friends
Dress up your cute cats with dozens of exquisite costume decorations.
Build cat tower for cats! Start decorating virtual cats and their living places like room, kitchen, yard, castle, and spa and make a perfect cat hotel!
Decorate cat rooms with stylish items for your virtual cats and challenge your interior design skills!
There are all kinds of home furnishings, cute neko atsume are everywhere in cat games. Gather the hearts to decorate your adorable cat condo.

Cute kitten collector games.
Unlock levels, earn crystals and open more beautiful rooms for your gorgeous kittens. For those who like pet dress up games or kitty games.
Immerse yourself in a world full of kawaii neko atsume!
That is what this addictive cat game is all about!

Cat Diary is a cute cat game for girls and, why not, boys and all cat freaks who love cute apps. No matter if you call these awesome baby kittens kucing, gato, fish lovers, dog avoiders or simply kitty, you would love them more every day!

This pet cat game is made by a small and enthusiastic young team, so we are very grateful for your feedback! ^-^ We hope you like our cat games!
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Cat Diary user reviews :

Good and interesting game but lot of bugs are there. I need to collect only 4 cats but these bugs are really irritating. This game is a failure. They didn’t even tested completely. There no delete option. If we want to remove a cat, there is no option for that. Lot of ads are annoying So I’m giving only 1 star

At first, game ia fun but after you has 2 sphinxcat and merge them then BANG! Bug came one after one.cats disappear, after open cat box, can’t x out. And timer stop.there’re no choice,you can’t do anythings.clear data or uninstall are your choices.

Bad game full of ads. UNINSTALL. Waste our time to watch the ads. We all in the world very hate ads. Make ours stress the game with ads. This is games are not recommended. Don’t install because have ads on the game.

  • Thank you for your review. All suggestions will be considered and we will adjust the game according to your real needs.

This is a really cute game. There is a spelling mistake in the ‘close’ tab, they spelt close wrong. However I’m still really enjoying the rest of the game very much.

This is so amazing,it is very fun to play with the cats.. and all of them is so adorable you might install it because im sure you have such a great time playing with them.

Everything’s fine except for that annoying cat dude telling is what to do all the time. Like my guy, I have eyes and a few braincells(not a lot) enough to see a cat!! Leave me alone u cat guy!!

Why when you get cat, the close one say clsoe? :/ And also fix the space coma Example: Hello buddy, today we are having fun. Bye bye. There’s a space between coma and the next word.

This game is so cute I really had fun playing it with new cat costumes to decorate my cat. It was very fun and enjoyable

  • Thanks for the appreciation.

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