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[Game] Merge Honey – Dream Design

Merge HoneyEmily has an old truck, she wants to decorate it and start to sell desserts.

But she discovers something mysterious. Let’s help her renovate the old truck, design new appearance and solve mysterious clues!

There are many old boxes which are filled with dust. You will merge desserts to swipe the dust, get new items and find secrets.

Combine desserts, such as cookies, cakes, candies for earning coins. Then use coins to design the truck and town. That’s full of fun. You will enjoy the process of merging.

In Merge Honey, you will totally enjoy the happiness of design. You can give full play to your talents. Get different decorations by merging desserts, create your own style.

There are many stories hidden in the dust. In order to swipe the dust, you need find same desserts and merge them into new item. Let’s reveal the truth!

Meet mysterious characters and enjoy the fun of our merge game in different scenes. You will always feel excited!

Let’s start and enjoy in a relax atmosphere! Find mysterious clues and solve it!
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Merge Honey user reviews :

This game is cute but very frustrating to play despite its simple and unoriginal concept. Minimal board space, long refresh times, random ads popping up in the middle of game play despite the ability to choose to watch ads for items/energy, the Google translated dialogue pushing a non-existent plot… they make these things so quick and any potential is ruined by money grabbing.

Its a great fun game. Given a lot of stuff, energy time, money, just a great game. Except: advertisements kept suddenly started playing… while in the middle of something! Watching ads for accepting something in return is totally acceptable. But not without my first ok-ing!

I seriously do not like that the ads kick off during play. They could kick off after we complete a design, but you’re in the middle of merging and it automatically sends you into an ad. I usually close out the whole game and by pass the ad. At least then, they’re not getting paid for it because the ad has to play for a few seconds for them to get paid. Screw me, I screw ya back.

Good at first. Been playing for a while. I’m at the point where there are too many spawners. I don’t like that you cant delete the excess after reaching the max limit. Like how many of each do you need. I have purchased enough extra slots and they keep going up the more you buy. Will sadly be deleting soon.

I genuinely enjoy playing this game, as well as other merge games. However, the higher the item is in level that you are merging, you can guarantee a duplicate bubble will pop up alongside it, constantly taking up the space on the board to play!! It is complete overkill and often makes me exit the game, because I’m not willing to spend all the gems/money they want from you. Please lower the number of bubbles!!!

  • Sorry to make you feel uncomfortable, we will improve it!

Plenty ways to get energy. Lots of helpful stuff to get by watching ads. Big events kinda suck, u can’t get far, realistically. Like smaller ones where u get helpful items. Lovely art. Cute pet dog u feed, dress up, and get free stuff from. Generators don’t run out after a few items like some games. Thanks to the people who work on this game. Definitely one of my faves!

Not bad game but…. The game itself doesn’t appear to be too bad but I just can’t play it. I really like a good storyline, but I can’t even get into it. There is always at least one word in every sentence that is grammatically wrong and I keep finding myself rereading the same sentence just so I can mentally put the correct word in the sentence. I generally don’t have a problem when it is once or twice but every communication or statement has it. As a product someone should have checked it.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We’re improving our text and already corrected some errors. We’ll try to d better, if you have any other suggestions or questions, please let us know! If you feel satisfied, please give us 5 stars! Thank you!

Being annoyed with ads just to push the no ad option is just not cool guys. Otherwise I like how the game is going so far. Watching ads for rewards is something I do because it helps everyone. Think about that. I can uninstall just as easily and not be annoyed at all. It’s a game to me. There are lots of games.

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