Cat Mart – Are you ready to open the mart

[Game] Cat Mart – Purrfect Tycoon

Cat MartCat Walmart? Nah-nyan, It’s a Cat Mart!

Welcome to our happy Cat Mart nyan

In our Cat Mart, we are cultivating organic vegetables, and juicy fruits to process various foods.
Look at that! Cute cat customers are waiting in line already! Are you ready to open the mart?

Having a purr-blem to manage the Mart alone? No purr-blem!
Try to hire various cute cat workers to manage your mart more easily. Ameowzing!

Cat Mart Guidelines
Easy to play! All you knead is, just swipe your finger!
Look at our laudable cat workers, cultivating.. calculating.. they are really hard workers.

Our cat mart is newly opened! So paw-some!
where able to meet various cats like Siamese cats, Korean short hair cats, tri-color cats, Ragdoll cats, Persian cats, Bengal cats, etc
Now, let’s grow our cat mart as a global franchise mart!

You can play Kitty Cat Mini Mart for free,
advertisement and in-app purchases are included to provide additional benefits

Terms of Service :
Contact us and report bug : support[at]

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Cat Mart user reviews :

I like the game! Super cute, not as idle as the other game and have to watch a lot of ads if you want it to be more idle(?). Sometimes after the ads, the screen went black and won’t go back to the game screen. Definitely time consuming and addicting tho. Could be better!! I hope you can improve it more!

I do not recommend! Edit: I was told to manually press the save button, something no modern game should need. It doesn’t matter, it STILL doesn’t save sometimes. A game with potential but has some major problems at the moment. The biggest is that it randomly won’t save. I’ve lost so much due to this, including really good clothing! Also, the AI of the staff is really bad. They are inefficient, waiting by empty stations and prioritising horribly. They need to be greatly improved…

  • Hello, Lova Carlsson manager! Thank you so much for giving us a lot of opinions on Cat Mart. We will share what you said to the department in charge so that it can be improved. I will work hard to become a better Cat Mart. Thank you.

Overall, I do enjoy this game, but there are also many problems that need to be fixed sk more people can enjoy it too. I find that the game lags all the time, plus there are always random ads at the bottom of the screen, and it is easy to accidentally click on them whilst moving the car around. It also won’t let me install the update, even though I have good WiFi and plenty of storage space. If these problems are able to be fixed then I will consider giving you a higher rating. cute game though

  • Hello. Amelia Wilkinson We are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Please update from Google Play again. Nevertheless, if there is a problem, please contact Customer Support. (support[at] Thank you, and Have a nice day!

Forced ads. That being said.. It is an extremely cute game. The way the cats move is adorable to the max. But it’s not really a relaxing game because of how the cats nap constantly. Unless you are always watching ads for the guard cat, every five minutes or so, it will be EXCRUCIATINGLY slow to progress. I’ll still keep it because it works even without connection so I can play it on my commute.

  • Hello, AJ D! Thank you so much for using Cat Mart and for your valuable opinions. You were disappointed in our game. We will quickly communicate this to the development team and try to improve it. I will try to make a better Cat Mart. Thank you.

For what the game is I think its very cute. The graphics and different marts keep playing enjoyable. I think my only complaint is how ‘far’ each of the little facilities are- theres a lot of dragging and waiting and going back and forth which is ok at the start but gets repetitive after a while. Would still recommend as it is a solid way to pass time

The game is fun and the graphics and controls are great. My only issue is the AI staff because they sleep a lot and they aren’t doing much. They prioritize badly which ends up with all the products running out and nothing being produced efficiently. If the developers can work on improving the cat staff, I would gladly recommend the game to other people.

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