Crab Island – Lots of different treasures

[Game] Crab Island

Crab IslandCrab Island is a relaxing fishing game where you collect dancing crabs!


Easy to play – tap at the right time to fish!
More than 100 skins and costumes to dress up your crabs!
Upgrade your island while fishing coins, baits, worms and lots of different treasures!
Unlock mysterious shrines to summon Crabthulhu!
Great for kids, moms, grannies and crazy crab people in general. The whole family can play and enjoy Crab Island!

No additional purchases are needed to finish the game.
Offline game: No internet connection needed.
#HINT: Find all the shrines and scrolls to summon *Crabthulhu*

This game is made by a small but passionate young team so we really appreciate your feedback We really hope you enjoy our game! We certainly had a blast making it. Even if you didn’t, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at help[at]

Ready for a relaxing fishing adventure?

Crab Island user reviews :

Very silly, simple fun so far! I know this game JUST released, but its very cute and easy to pick up. I have a few complaints but they’re all bugs or UI issues: the back button on the bottom left nearly doesn’t work. I have to tap around it a lot to find a working spot. I’m on a Samsung ZFlip 3 for context. I believe there is a number at the mid top of screen but it is unfortunately covered by my phone camera! Lastly, the daily quests are not working at all despite me doing them.

A very cute crab collection game! Simple, non-demanding gameplay for the most part. So far, the critiques I have would be: 1.) there doesn’t seem to be music for the island or while fishing, 2.) I fully expected there to be little hearts when petting the crabs, but I was left bereft, 3.) Maybe some sort of visual indicator for DJ Tortuga visiting the island when zoomed in on the water. That is to say… I have very little to critique. Love it!

Love this game but the random ads are very annoying. I don’t mind the options to watch ads in order to earn rewards and in fact I’ll choose those a lot, but the randomly occurring ads are very irritating, especially if they start in the middle of a timed bait. I also just think the advertisements UI is really misleading because it keeps taking me to the play store when I’m trying to click the button to exit after letting the whole entire long video play.

This game is perfect if you’re like me and have an obsession with crabs. The only things that I’m not a fan of are the forced ads I’m willing to watch ads for bonuses but don’t force an ad on me. And there’s not alot of variation with species. Crabs are so vast and different it’s a wee bit disappointing that they don’t use different crab species. Other than that this game is so cute and I love it!

This is a good game if you like crabs, and putting hats on them, and watching them do crab dances. It’s a little buggy, especially today (12/9/22). Leveling up doesn’t give you more turns, and I’m not sure why there’s two menu icons for shop/quests. My biggest complaint is that the game saves inconsistently, so with a 2h wait I’ll come back in 2h only to find I have three turns left, then have to wait 2h again, or I have to buy the same accessory again, because it didn’t register before.

game is buggy. it crashes when I try to look at my daily missions. it freezes when I start screen recording after I’m asked if I want to share. also a minor spelling error when asked if i want to see an ad. says “whatch” instead of, you know *watch*. alsoooo, turning off music in settings doesnt really turn off music. when the crabs start dancing, ingame music starts playing. apart from that everything works

  • Hi Carlos! This shouldn’t be happening on your devise so could you please send us a screenshot of your ingame Options Menu to The crash while openning your daily missions keeps happening? And how much free space do you have on your phone? Thanks for your time!

I see fun potential in this game. It’s entertaining and really cute! Just wish there were more functions or things to do. Like the crab dancing doesn’t seem to do or give you anything (the save recording function doesn’t work so I can’t get the gem from it) the shop and the scroll button under both go to the shop which is probably a bug. I also wish there would be no 30 second pop-up ads when I have a time based thing added to my rod as it removes my time unprompted with no warning.

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