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[Game] Cat Simulator 2

Cat Simulator 2Experience life as an actual cat, embark on adventures through expansive residences and breathtaking gardens.

Select from a variety of cats and personalize their appearance to your liking. Test your skills in time-based challenges and, of course, revel in annoying humans. Engage in playful interactions with fellow kittens through the exciting new multiplayer mode, inviting friends or competing against individuals from across the globe!

Immerse yourself in the multiplayer mode and compete against fellow animal enthusiasts. Play alongside other adorable kitties, forge new friendships, and showcase your superior abilities.

Which cat breed captures your heart? A graceful British Cat, a moody Persian, or perhaps an adorable grey kitty? If that doesn’t satiate your desire, try embodying the prowess of a mighty tiger or the whimsical charm of otherworldly feline characters like the baby panther!

Unleash your creativity and dress your cat to your heart’s content! Select from an array of hats, amusing glasses, stylish collars, and cute shoes to enhance your beloved animal companion’s appearance.

Embark on a thrilling journey through eleven unique locations, venturing through an entire neighborhood teeming with excitement! Begin in a cozy apartment, where you’ll grasp the game’s fundamentals. Progress through subsequent levels to discover sprawling gardens and distinctive houses, each brimming with pure enjoyment. Crash a lively barbecue party, fulfill missions, and interact with both humans and other animals!

Engage in interactions, mirroring the everyday antics of your beloved feline. Raid the fridge, hop on the vacuum cleaner, indulge in a jacuzzi bath, venture into the washing machine, rouse the snoozing dog, and countless other delightful activities await. Experience the whimsical wonders of your cat’s daily routine!

Navigate effortlessly with simple controls: utilize the left joystick to move your cat, employ the jump button on the right to take flight, and swipe to explore your surroundings. Unleash the power of your marvelous pussycat by utilizing the hit button to smash objects.

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Cat Simulator 2 user reviews :

Unreal tournament for cats. It’s great, but it needs to make the cat fighting more of the game, or figure out some sort of content because it’s cute for about one match. Just catting around breaking stuff gets old fast. Maybe add more vertical scoring stuff, jumping and agility like the old bunny tracks UT.

I really want to love this game, and will absolutely come back to it in the future, but right now it’s not enjoyable to me. I can tell how much work the animators put into it, but the levels are incredibly difficult. The first game is just the right level of difficulty, but has plain looking, somewhat repetitive maps. This one is incredibly fun, the animation is amazing, but I gave up at a certain point. It’s too difficult to get enough points in the time limit. I hope to edit in the future.

How long is the loading scene?._…. Anyways I liked how cat sim just improved! The way they added rarities on the other cat just makes it was better! If y’all are cat lovers, you might love this game too :D Edit: It started! Kinda disagree at the players that said that it’s hard to control but it ain’t that hard,also don’t listen to those that say that this game is bad, because this is the best cat sim game!

This is a really good improvement of the first cat simulator, therefore, it takes FOREVER to download content for the first time, but the textures is WORTH IT! Thank you for improving cat simulator!

The game is out! I love how the game is much more realistic and much more fun than the other cat simulator app, I also am “LinaxPlayz” from dog simulator, i would Like dog simulator 2, because dog simulator is the best app ever! I can’t tell you how much I Love this app! This is way better than any apps! I can’t even think about giving you 1 star, overall Good game! Please download guys, its already released

Amazing game. The difference between this one and the old Cat Simulator is huge. The graphics have evolved a lot and the updated mechanics are making the game a lot more fun and enjoyable! One thing I regret however is that the cat models have changed a lot and feel kinda mediocre but that could be just me as I grew up really liking the old models.

The game is still a little laggy and has a glitch every now and than when playing. Otherwise extremely entertaining game for all ages.

I really enjoy playing it reminds me of my childhood game cat simulator 1, huge graphics improvements and a whole new set of cats look beautiful and also the upgrade feature is really cool.

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