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[Game] Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black

Embark on an epic adventure filled with powerful guns, customizable abilities, and mystical primals from another realm.

Choose your loadout and drop-in to any game mode. Battle teams of other players and design strategy in real-time multiplayer action. Unite, fight, and ascend to the top!

Be the hero of the game—fast. Harness the power of a primal, capable of decimating the entire enemy team. Make every second count before transforming back!

Collect, upgrade, and customize your loadout to create the best combination for your battles. Hunt kills as a long-range sniper, duel other players as a sneaky assassin, or counter the enemy as a primal hunter.

Battle players and bosses alike in Hydra, defeat enemies for points toward victory in Slayer, vie for control of an ancient fortress in an Eventide adventure—and so much more. The choice is yours!

Party up! Drop-in to games instantly with your friends. Discover new allies, prepare your strategy, and claim total battle victory together.

Ascend to the skies as you adventure on an expedition to acquire rich caches of power discoverable across the exotic Welkin Islands. Floating high above Kyria, the Welkins offers near limitless access to this mystical resource, but also hold within them the great mysteries of Catalyst Black itself!


Catalyst Black user reviews :

I have fun playing the game, but poor UI and little control customisation hold it back for me. Server issues, where i get matched onto high ping games forcing a leave. Oh and random red dot for loadout page isn’t fun to search for, especially when it seems to not exist for any equipment. Lack of playable characters also hinders my gameplay experience – playing some blank slate isn’t that entertaining. There is nothing to get attached to.

  • Hello Atip, thank you for sharing your detailed opinion with us. Please let us send your message as feedback. Stay safe!

Gameplay is unique, guns have different mechanic but it has bad matchmaking cause i got destroyed by a level 23 and very pay 2 win, and it froze up everytime is in to middle of something, setting up a loadout, getting a free chest. kinda annoying. But what annoys me is that it froze up in the middle of the battle, it is so annoying cause it takes a long time to load cause of two different loading screen and when you finnaly load it, next thing you know, you are dead. so pls fix it

  • Hello Nirho, we’re sorry to hear about your negative experience while playing Catalyst Black. We’re still working on optimizing the game. As for the matchmaking issues, please let us send your message as feedback. Stay safe!

Had to stop playing just to write this. So far so good. Runs very well on my Samsung Galaxy A10. Lots of different playstyles possible, and great visuals. Very good game, recommended. Edit: The drop-in function doesn’t seem to work. I click “join party” but nothing happens. Would be nice if it were fixed as that seems like a good feature. Edit 2: The issue is now fixed!

  • Hello Euphytose, Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear you’re enjoying Catalyst Black! We invite you to experiment with your Loadouts and look for deadly combinations that will assure your victory on every quest. See you on the battlefield!

Its a very good game in terms of action and the uniqueness it brings to the table but in my opinion it sort of lacks the multifarious ways of combat as in there being only few weapons and agressive skills that are to use and keep the combat diverse. The rest of the weapons from the basic pack are a little too impossible to reach if you are not willing to pay a considerable amount of money for them. In summary, this game would stand out even more, if there was a bit more diversity in it.

  • Hello Melikşah, thanks for sharing your detailed opinion with us! Please let us note your message as feedback. Stay safe, and see you on the battleground!

What an amazing game! Fun and addictive! Smooth game play & graphics. Control mapping is easy-to-understand. Leveling up your character and equipment gives it an action RPG vibe. Matches earns you coins & materials. Coins are used in the store to purchase new equipment & materials help lvl equipment. Lots of equipment & weapons to discover, with different types of maps and matches keep the game fresh. The coolest feature was evolving on the battlefield into a big Avatar/monster. Well done!

  • We are thankful for your thorough review, Sean! It makes us happy to have players comment on the little observations you come up with as you play the game. It is very valuable information and we love it! We hope you keep enjoying the game.

The game uses stick controls which I was hoping wouldn’t happen coming from the company that birthed the amazing Vainglory game but after learning the ropes you see it’s absolutely necessary. With the games fast paced combat and challenging game modes this feels like a solid winner! I actually look forward to playing a mobile game again after Vainglory ceased to exist.

  • Hi Tim, we’re excited to hear that you think our game is fast paced and fun! We sure hope you continue to enjoy playing it, thanks for the positive review!

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