Cats the Commander – Infinite possibilities with magic skills

[Game] Cats the Commander

Cats the Commander Now we are giving away tickets for 10 gachas!!! (Character x5, Weapon x5)

Intense battle, cat game explosion!
Anyone can easily play! Super cute Cat and Hyper Simple RPG!

Beginners are welcome!
Of course, solid gamers and children too!
Let’s all make the world with cats!!
It’s time to start our adventure!!

Super easy battle system
Tap your favorite character! Occasionally a special move!
Easy operation for anyone!
Defeat the enemy and aim for the goal!!

New style of attack-type tower defense
It’s a non-stop game!
The attack is the best defense! Cats are only moving forward!!

The world of swords and magic, fantasy and cats
Find the strongest combination of weapons and magic!
Infinite possibilities with magic skills!
Salvage the 7 legendary heroes of the cat!!

Free-to-play (in-game purchases included)
This game and our company do not have anything related to
The Battle Cats or its producer, PONOS Corporation.

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Cats the Commander user reviews :

I really like how you have more things to In Cats the Commander. Like getting and using new weapons, and using specific weapons that are strong against the enemy team! Battle Cats on the other hand has more quest for you to do, it also has more characters you can get from the gacha, and just has more cats, let’s be honest. But I really like both of them!

Just play The Battle Cats. 10 times better. Nothing wrong with this, but a copycat version of Battle Cats but worse. Battle Cats has much better features and much easier. (Cats the Commander is just too detailed.)

Came here expecting a Battle Cats rip-off, but it’s actually a good game on its own right. Although the translation department leaves a lot to be desired.

I love this game but I’m stuck on the dark ruler I try every time I levelled my characters and I hope I can do it if I level up my charters more

I was going to give this 5 stars but I’m pissed that they no longer support split screen. I liked being able to have my battles run while multitasking with other things that needed my attention. Now I can’t, so I’m disappointed and reduced my rating since it was one of the positive points of my experience. The game itself is fun. There isn’t any pressure to buy premium currency, and the content is regularly updated.

Fun game, at first glance it appears to be a battle cats ripoff but with it having very different mechanics it isn’t remotely close to being one. Very generous game aswell.

A fun and cute experience for those who are looking for a game where you spam out units just to see them run or shoot at the enemy. It does have a glaring similarity to The Battle Cats but this is much more of a light hearted experience. My only gripe with the game is the necessary need to be connected to the internet at all times but besides that it’s fun and chill. Needs just a few more tweaks to be a hit. Honestly would love to design a couple of the units if ever given the chance.

This games a pretty good battle cat-like game! The only issues I have so far has to be the music and maybe the broken English at times but other than that if you’re looking for a game like battle cats then this is it!

I love it. I’m really enjoying this game ^w^ Lot’s of characters to use. Free diamonds every day. Lots of ways to earn diamonds and gold. At the same time, difficulty is not that bad. My only problem is I’m running out of weapons xD

The game is very fun and challenging, the only thing that bothers me is, sigh, the player base; “Omg the ULTRA SUPER RARES are too rare” “Omg the completely optional paid content that is not advertised across the entire screen is too expensive”, please like, leave a note in-game to not complain about this? I want to see what people really think, not nonsense

Very solid game. The ads are few and far between, there’s a reasonable amount of challenge, the levels and enemies are varied enough for a mobile game. I give it points for originality; it’s RPGesque but the goal is more to level up gear and HP for multiple characters rather than using tactics, but it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to get you to buy those upgrades. It’s simple, the mechanics never change, but the enemies and gear change enough to not feel monotonous. Runs smoothly, no crashes

So far, having a really fun time. I have NEVER played battlecats. This was my first time playing this sort of game. It is a little complicated in the menus at first, but gets a lot easier pretty quickly. Sprites are cute. I’ve been able to keep playing without getting stuck. Always a way to continue play, including only OPTIONAL ads thus far. I really hope it doesn’t reach an unreasonable pay wall! Not perfect, but seems like this game is unfairly underrated so I chose solid 5.

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