Ellrland Tales Deck Heroes – Mysterious events await for you to experience

[Game] Ellrland Tales Deck Heroes

Ellrland Tales Deck Heroes Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes is a free CCG with the feature of Roguelike.

The game is transplanted from steam – Ellrland.

Ellrland, the place Elon and his family live, is named after Ellr, which represents all the children of humans and Elf.

Daughter, where are you? Elon screams.
After searching for a while, he realizes that his daughter must be captured by the demons based on the trace he found.
It is said some ancient magical creatures have appeared here in the forest recently.
I must save my daughter, and kill the demons!
To save Elon’s daughter, he must seize the day because the deeper the forest, the more dangerous it becomes.
It’s an emergency so no more hesitation!

Game Features
Roguelike Adventure-Epic Features!
2 Professions(Mage and Hunter), 170+ cards, build your own deck!
Pets with different skills for you to bring with!
50+ Mysterious events await for you to experience!
Excellent work of art!

Facebook Fans Page:  www.facebook.com/Ellrlandtales
Discord:  discord.gg/vnPjce2zfx

Ellrland Tales Deck Heroes user reviews :

It has interesting game mechanics. However the game developers are constantly shooting themselves on the foot with this game making it unplayable. For starters this game needs a constant connection to the internet and a WiFi connection on top of that! So I bought this game (no ads) so that I can play on the tube or on the plane. And I can’t! Also even though it doesn’t have an energy system to restrict you from playing. Still only the first 1-2 game/day yield rewards. Publish an offline version

It keeps saying reconnecting over and over, poor translation, when I try to start a game it makes a loud noise over and over then went to the home screen with a continue option which took me into the game where all options made sounds but didn’t actually have any effects. There’s no reason this game needs to check connection every 10 seconds. Would like to rate gameplay but I wasn’t able to see it anymore. It worked befor but now the most interactive part was the 7 pls rate us windows stacking.

I liked the game, it was challenging and fun. Deckbuilding really felt at the right pace. Cannot give more than two stars though, as after the first playthrough, the gamestate is now bugged. I cannot start any new game, as the first battle will never initiate. Giving up and trying to restart just starts messing uo the gaphics of the game, as if it is trying to write different playthroughs over each other. Hopefully it will be fixed so that I can further explore everything.

The terminology is a little broken, like its been translated. Overall it is enjoyable, still pretty early into the campaign but after making a few attempts at it, it has nice mechanics. My opinion it could do w a few less animations, i prefer games right to the point w a little less “fluff” but not a bad card based combat game

Easy to okay, fun game okay, graphics are satisfying. It’s just challenging enough to want to keep playing. I like the mechanics of deck building. The tutorial could add a few more bits of info on monsters and effects but a little play time and most of it is easy to learn

The game seems like it’d be great though it kept freezing in the very beginning where you enter your character name. If that can be fixed, I will re download the game and play it cause I love the idea and detail of the game. Please and thank you.

Art is great, gameplay is basically slay the spire with the brakes removed, achievements are nice. The writing’s wonky though, and any card with a scaling value just has the word BuffCount instead of the value on the card description. Really need to fix that. Edit: They fixed it, very nice.

Pretty good game while new cards and artifacts are discovered. Unfortunately upgrading becomes exorbitantly priced rather quickly and are weeks of playing outside of $100s of dollars to upgrade a single thing.

I have about 100 hours on slay the spire…so I tried out this game as its pretty similar. The game would be awesome but the difficulty is overtuned to entice buying microtranscations. I’ve had amazing decks and still die to stupidly strong bosses. You get to the shop to buy cards and you have the option to watch ads for an extra 50 coins, unlimited uses with 1 min cooldown. Keep in mind, each combat rewards about 5-20 gold….mtx are available to revive you and buy extremely helpful pets.

Very addicting. Some connection issues, that’s the only reason it didn’t get 5 stars. Wish it had another playable class though

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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