Champion Tower Defense – Engage in fierce 1-on-1 defense competition

[Game] Champion Tower Defense

Champion Tower DefenseCollect and train legendary champions, create the best team of champions with powerful abilities and skill combos, and defend the Nexus from hordes of fearsome monsters.

Collect dozens of legendary champions to create your own dream team!
Overwhelm your enemies at once with brilliant skill combos between champions!
Arm yourself with powerful equipment and maximize your champion’s potential!
A thrilling champion vs. monster showdown on a 3D defense battlefield!
Analyze the map strategically and devise the best defense strategy!
Defeat the huge boss and get tons of gold coins!
Engage in fierce 1-on-1 defense competition with users from around the world!
Obtain the highest score by fending off endless waves of monsters!
Use your strategic thinking skills to develop the best team of champions!

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Champion Tower Defense user reviews :

Edit: I’II give it reconsideration, If I we’re to be honest I really want to play this game. But It’s just that the amount of gold they give you in a campaign isn’t enough to support your heroes. Making you having to grind endless hours in lower levels just to ge a fair number of chest keys, giving you both hero shards and small drops of gold, and still the gold wouldn’t be enough. Having you stuck in higher campaigns, not being able to progress further. And I haven’t faced any bugs yet! 4stars

  • Hello, thank you for playing the game and leaving your good feedback. Can I ask you a few questions to help us improve the game? 1) Did a problem occur during the tutorial stage? 2) How much compensation should be paid for sufficient growth? 3) What is the biggest problem when moving the unit? Can’t choose? Or can’t you move?

It’s a good thing that high tier/star heroes could be obtained through normal chest. But the resources to upgrade them are extremely scarce. Clearing a stage only gives you key and not resources, making it extremely grindy, and the stage itself is pretty imbalance: extremely strict hero limit and very dependant to mythical item drop between wave.

  • Hello, thank you for playing the game and leaving your good feedback. We’re fixing the service. If you have any problems, please let us know at any time!

Stuck at the initial splash screen, the game never actually loads.

  • The app was just updated. Please download and play. We apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I do like this video game call Defence Rivals : Tower War and it’s pretty cool game

It will be a better game when you can use all of your characters.

  • hello Thanks for playing the game. We will improve the character so that it can be used more. If you have any questions, please email jhkim[at]

Well it’s all goods great game new concept why…? Whyyy you change the game where is the moba one

  • Hello A new version has been updated that fixes the problem you reported. New features have also been added, so you can enjoy more fun games.

Game does load now seems to be fixed good job to Devs will update in future

  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you with our service. Can’t you restart the game? Please take a screenshot of the situation in which it does not work and send it to us so we can resolve it. Please contact jhkim[at]

Please remove the ads-to-rewards some way

  • We ask questions to improve the problem. Have you ever felt reluctant to watch ads and receive rewards?

Boring, ur old game is far better

  • Hello, thank you very much for remembering the MOBA game. Defense Rivals was created based on the IP. A new 3v3 MOBA is in the works. You can check it on our website (, and we will notify you once the MOBA service starts. thank you

My only complaint so far is how slowly you acquire gold

  • The balance of the game has been adjusted. Adjustments have been made to allow for more wins and rewards.

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