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Champions ArenaBuild decks and combine cards featuring 100 different, fascinating, and unique Champions to aid you in battles of wits and strategy!

Champions Arena is a new generation of Turn-Based RPG, where players collect over 100 unique Champions. Use items from your collection to dispatch your Champions on missions and control them in real-time tactical PvP turn-based battle!

Use powerful equipment as your Champions face off against your enemies in battle. Plan intricate combos using spells, skills and resources. Deck-building, resource management, and tactical strategy will all prove vital in the arena!


Build Your Perfect Team
In order to win a battle, you need a team of Champions with a variety of Skills and Classes. Select Champions that complement the deck you’ve built and synergize with your strategies. Perfect the art of managing different Champions.

Play the Hand You’re Dealt
Even when your opponent brings a similar Champion, the game cards are given randomly. This allows the player with superior strategy to find the best way to adapt to the competition. You have to make right decisions quickly in battle while thinking about numerous tactics. No battle will ever be just like another.

Deep and Nuanced Battle Tactics
You need to think carefully, because tons of factors can determine a battle. Compatibility between factions, changes in stats according to map properties, even bonuses in different battle stages… each battle will present new fun challenges that you won’t always see coming.

Endless Content with Collaboration and Competition
Champions Arena offers many ways to enjoy the game – loot your opponents, earn rewards by defeating tough battles together or strengthen your soldiers. Anytime you log into Champions Arena, there will always be something to enjoy.

Your Estate, Your Guild
Actively engage with your guild members and grow your Estate. Own your Estate or join an established one. Either way, you’ll need to work with your team to build your guild for everyone’s benefit.

Limited Edition Champions
Not all Champions are around forever. Find rare and limited edition Champions in the game store and as rewards within the game. Get them while they last, because they won’t be back!

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Champions Arena user reviews :

I was expecting another city building, resource gathering, cooldown timer waiting game with a turn based battle system on the side. Champions Arena actually puts the battling system first and you don’t have to wait around for your “energy” to fill up so you can continue to the next level or try that tough lvl again. The Champion designs are clean and have some fun animations and abilities to figure out. I been enjoying it so far and look forward to what else they plan for the game.

I was admittingly reluctant to play a turn base phone game (they typically don’t keep my attention), but this game definitely caught my attention. While there might be some balancing issues that will need to be worked out, I’ve still managed to enjoy both PvE and PvP. The developers have cleverly created mechanics so when you invest a lot of time leveling one character that you’ll be able to transfer invested experience to another character instead of leaving you stuck trying to restart.

Perfectly captures the spirit of RPG characters!!! Champion’s Arena stands out as an engaging and strategic turn-based RPG. What truly caught my eye are the meticulously designed Champions themselves – they’re more than characters, they’re visual marvels. The game’s polished aesthetics draw you in, and the unique mechanics keep you engaged. It’s an RPG experience that’s anything but routine, offering a blend of excitement and innovation.

Simple to learn but deep enough to keep me engaged. The best part is however, I can sell my leveled up Champions when I ever get bored, unlike other games where all my investment is lost when it’s time to move on. It is a revolutionary feature with fun gameplay for casuals and hardcore gamers alike.

The game’s dynamic gameplay and stunning visuals truly set it apart. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the arena, you’ll find yourself immersed in its captivating battles and strategic depth. With its unique mechanics and engaging community, Champion Arena is a must-play for anyone seeking an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience. Get ready to prove your skills and rise to the top!

This game has got the most impressive graphics and gameplay it’s incredible and so fun to play. Feels like you are in an animation movie and the characters all look so cool the sounds is just super 3d style like sony cinema. I highly recommend to try this out you’re never gonna stop playing it!

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