Shadow Survivor – Save your people

[Game] Shadow Survivor – Last Lord

Shadow SurvivorYour Highness, you are destined to venture into a mysterious world of darkness and enchantment, where you must save your people from the clutches of evil spells and sinister creatures.

As you face ever-increasing hordes of monsters and challenging decisions, it’s up to you to survive and ultimately restore the light as the Last Lord.

Game Features:
1.Immerse yourself in a captivating Roguelike adventure with stunning visuals and dynamic 3D animations.
2.Explore treacherous landscapes, from the eerie Dark Forest and the haunting Bone Plaza to the barren Desert Edge and the frozen Icy Plains.
3.Unleash powerful, randomly generated spells to swiftly vanquish monstrous foes – your magic knows no bounds!
4.Discover hidden treasures within mysterious wooden chests, brimming with fiery spells, icy incantations, and formidable bombs to bolster your magical prowess.
5.Customize your equipment and refine your talents for extraordinary battle effects.
6.Reap daily login rewards and claim unlimited game rewards

In this desolate realm of shadows, survival is both a choice and a challenge.
Are you prepared to embark on this epic quest for dark salvation?

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Shadow Survivor user reviews :

There’s a lot to like about this game, unfortunately even if you pay to unlock things faster you still get stuck having to grind at a certain level making it far less fun to play. I have no problem paying too unlock features and get loot faster, but it’s still a major grind. What is absolutely unacceptable is that I lose every time because I can not see enemies on screen and my heath bar depletes immediately. This needs to be addressed as it makes the game a huge hassle to play.

Hello, amazing game if you like this genre. Alot of pros and just a few cons that can be fixed through the development team! Pet was a cool idea (execpt it’s just an added spell in game). Graphically it is pleasing to run around and the VFX are top tier. FPS drops when you let the xp crystals build up from idling for a few min(depending on cluster build up). Just need the devs to fix this bug: Upon dying, choosing to watch ad to revive, after ad finishes the game freezes resulting in force close

Glad to see dailies are no longer blocked by premium quests. The audio still had issues after watch and ad. It just cuts out entirely and won’t come back until you restart the game. Another major issue, the game doesn’t pick up where you left off if it gets closed out while you are in the middle of a game. If I get a call or switch apps and the game closes it takesy energy but I don’t get to finish the stage.

  • Thank you for supporting our game. We will continue to optimize the content and there will be a new version update soon. You can try out the new version before deciding whether to give us a 5-star rating. Thank you!

Aside from there being really annoying bugs, it’s a good game. 1 bug prevents you from watching ads so you can no longer benefit from 2x resources. Another bug disables the audio, so you have to restart to get it back. Update: iFrames need added into the game. Watching an ad in-game to heal and then dying in less than 1 second is really frustrating. Also, I refuse to buy anything without Google Play Login. Thank you for the reply. Sadly, there is no option in-game to log in through Google Play.

  • Thank you for your support of our game. We will continue to optimize these issues. Additionally, Google Play login within the game is automatic. You can try binding your account

It’s a great game fun way to pass time played hundreds of games this is up there with the best I would recommend it to anyone. It’s like others of it’s type but it stand’s out with its ability to control your characters development and gear set among it’s most notable unique differences. I will say that the pet system needs work(the merge/refining). I’d say if you’re thinking about it or just looking for something or you like this genre, then go for it.

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