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Chaos Immortal EraChaos: Immortal Era is a large 3D fantasy MMORPG with the background of the ancient wilderness.

There are a lot of benefits in the game, such as permanent free VIP10, millions of coins, etc., You can buy whatever you want in the store. Incredibly, You can even get recharge vouchers that are equal to the real money when farming. It is the MMO with best benefits ever, and more gifts are waiting for you.

Game Features

3D world, Ten vast wilderness maps are fascinating, and more than 20 secret areas are full of light and strange, Let’s hands in hands to admire the beautiful mountains and rivers of the Great Wilderness! ! Immersive main plot will reinterpret the myth of the great wilderness, subvert your ancient memories. Wonderful PVP and PVE gameplay will give you entirely new experience! Precise combat sense, gorgeous special effects will immerse you in this world!

Would you want to be a Fashion Collector?
Receive Fashion Outfit by daily sign-in, level-up, and Free purchase. Dressing on your mood, You are the next fashionista, the new look collector!

Relaxed Socializing and Sweet Marriage
That is a unique social system, Create a Clan, Marry to your destiny and raise a baby, Sworn with your brother…..Chatting and Fighting!

Chaos Battlefield
Immortal or Devil, the Battlefield will see who is the dominator. Thousands are online to grab the champion, and who will be the king at last? Exclusive title, Custom-made Artifacts, Gold Mounts, Is that status attractive to you?

Five Class to accompany you start the Xianxia journey
Warrior, Swordman, Witch, Assassin, Archer, for your choice. Free combination of skills, combo, smooth move, and five class have their advantages. Furthermore, a mysterious new Class is being developed and is coming soon!

The story begins on vast and bizarre continent, You will be the special one in this Xianxia world.

Please feel free to contact us when you have game complaint

Chaos Immortal Era user reviews :

Lost 2 characters, no way to locate them, I also spent a bunch of money on the game, become a deity, game sucks as far as game play is concerned Text screams by with only 10 secs or so to read it. Too much screen clutter, very hard to see anything on ground due to trees and bushes Not worth the time or money and impossible to contact anyone about my 2 lost characters

So far I love the game, the graphics are beautiful, speed is great the only thing I would like to see is that the characters would be more customizable, more female avatars,as the player obtains new attire and weapons it be put on the character so players can look more like individuals instead of cookie cutter if you fix all that it will be a five star for me

The game is good, the graphics are good, its awesome to play if you don’t have money to recharge it’s ok because they have free direct recharge which is you can’t fall behind when it comes to ups you can recharge even if you don’t have money but it’s better if u still recharge so that you can get double rewards as well as awesome items such svip

This is the second time my progress got deleted and have to again play from the start! I don’t know what the problem but my all the progress got lost fix it I want all my progress back!! Giving it 4 star because it is very fun to play and does not disappoint you but plz fix my problem

I was enjoying the game and I had spent a a lot of money on the game but one of my purchases went wrong because of a noticeable delay that happened during purchase and I didn’t recieve the items, of course I got the 14.99 back. The game then banned my account and when I contacted them about it, they told me I had to make a purchase of 14.99 on a new account to unban my main account, and then proceeded to tell me if I refund it then both accounts would be banned. Be careful when topping up!

  • Thanks for your review, it will help us to make the game better. If you still have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to contact us. Best regards! Facebook Link:

If you like watching the game run itself, with no idea what is going on and why, then this is the game for you. It’s like watching an interactive movie, except the captions are too small. Do not turn off auto battle. Graphics are so we’ll done, that the game is choppy. I’d rather have less small details and have smooth gameplay.

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