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[Game] Crasher Nirvana

Crasher NirvanaCrasher: Nirvana is a mobile MMORPG with martial arts-based theme.

Here you can enjoy various wonderful gaming experience: open world exploration, smooth and cool real-time combat, unique outfit customization, meticulously designed gameplays…..all of these will bring you a mythical Wuxia experience. Come and start your journey in this fantasy realm!

Open World
Under the mode of open world, you can travel around a vast map and enjoy a wonderful visual feast. A fantastic land is waiting for you to explore.

Various Outfit
Costumes, pets, mounts, wings, magic weapons, capes and other exquisite appearance available to choose. Come to create your exclusive characters!

Fantastic Combat
There are not only exciting PVP battles, but also a large cross-server battlefield waiting for you to challenge the ranking. Come and fight for your honor!

Massive Battlefield
Brand new cross-server gameplay has started!Thousands of people strike the powerful monsters together. All heroes gather in one battlefield to contend for the championship!

Free Trade
With the original trading system, everyone can sell equipment through stalls, getting the chance of becoming a millionaire overnight!

Crasher Nirvana user reviews :

It is a good game for the fact that you have great characters to choose from. But it is nothing new I haven’t seen before the fact that you can’t even customize your character appearance. The leveling system is fast, but as always for a Hack and Slash type game it takes too much time and too much money to level up mounts, wings, gear, and even god. It is a game only way to get ahead is to spend money or spend hours on farming the items you need to just level up one item one level.

  • Dear Immortal, we have a lot of clothes within the game for you to choose from, hopefully it will make your character look more beautiful. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. FB: Discord:

Strange game, it’s pretty, graphics of characters are a bit small to see with so much going on. Roughly 10 min into the game and I was over level 100, and I did nothing except press accept quest, accept rewards. I don’t know what was happening, why it was happening, and where to go. 100 percent automated game. Sit back and watch the images…. boring.

  • Dear immortal, thank you for your support. You can choose between automatic or manual in-game combat. We hope to bring you a better gaming experience. We hope this helps.

This game feels… AI generated, so to speak. Nothing makes any sense, numbers just go up, and the game auto plays itself. The dialogue seems to be slightly in tune with what’s happening, I think, but everything happens so fast that you couldn’t even try to read any of it. There is some kind of power system but it doesnt really do anything since all the enemies and bosses die really quick without posing a threat… Strange game, 6.5/10 (tldr if you like big numbers and no thinking play this)

  • Dear immortal, thank you for your support. You can choose between automatic or manual in-game combat. We hope to bring you a better gaming experience. We hope this helps.

okk, this is ai cool game, but not what I expected, I thought it would be more of a fighting game in a virtual world, and you would have full controls of your characters movement, more up close fighting action, arcade style. But hey I’m giving it a chance and it is fun and very cool, so yes I recommend trying it.

From the moment the game begins, you are locked in an auto-playing character that rushes you through the story before you have a chance to even read anything. I searched the settings to turn it off but there is nothing. Felt trapped in the character, so will not play more.

  • Dear immortal, thank you for your support. You can choose between automatic or manual in-game combat. We hope to bring you a better gaming experience. We hope this helps.

you can turn off auto but it start back autoing on its own again after a couple minutes of inactivity…you do have to spend a lot of taels *in game coins* to open all of your gift boxes and do upgrades which gets more expensive as you level up! everything is auto so you’re barely playing enough to fully enjoy the game

So far this seems very well put together. Nice smooth animations and nice graphics. There’s loads of mini-bosses and bosses, very fast levelling and lots of stuff to unlock along the way. in comparison to most of the games in this genre (I’ve played lots) I’d say this is one of the best, and definitely worth a try

Been looking for a new great game for months. This one hits all my points. I love it. Manual and auto options perfect for this busy mom. Graphics are amazing. Lots of events and game modes.

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