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Charlottes TableWelcome to Charlotte’s Table where you can create the restaurant of your dreams!

Choose your menu items and the look & feel of your restaurant. From interior design to table settings to food plating, Charlotte’s Table offers many choices to create both a lavish and welcoming restaurant for you to call your very own.
Cook up a meal that’ll have customers hooked and create a dining experience that will impress the whole town! Play match 3 puzzles to bring your dream restaurant to life!

UNRAVEL Charlotte’s story into the restaurant business!
SOLVE addictive match 3 puzzles!
DECORATE your very own restaurant
CREATE menu items that’ll have customers hooked!
CUSTOMIZE plates and table settings to create your signature style!
MANAGE customers of all personalities!
BLAST through powerups!
STYLIZE Charlotte’s look with a wardrobe full of cute outfits!

This game is a Beta test! But do not worry! All purchases and play data will be saved until the official launch! Thank you to all our Beta players for helping us to identify bugs and improve Charlotte’s Table!

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Charlottes Table user reviews :

The game is fun and not at all hard; I completed all the levels in less than a week. I hate that there’s new challenges going on that I can’t participate in. They need to give us the option to replay randomized old levels so we can collect rewards too. When I beat a game that doesn’t have this option, I tend to forget about it. Also, this game heats up my phone and drains my battery worse than any other app.

This is the most unique game I have played & I have played almost every match & merge game there is. It has the potential to be the greatest game ever. The story is very ingaging. The graphics are amazing & the gameplay is extremely interesting. However you lost me on the revamp of the restaurant. I hate the fact that the decor does not follow the story but worse it costs a lot of stars to decorate it yet we cannot choose the decor. That is a turnoff for me. So the game is on hold for now.

Initially, I loved it. However, slowly it gets annoying as you have to play 3 or 4 levels just to get 1 thing done and it’s not even too significant. Also I don’t understand why we have to work so hard to change the decor every time. It’s not rational. Focus more on the cooking challenges and make it such that one level should help with at least 1 task. Please improve this game. It is worth playing if you just focus on food more than just restuarant decor all the time.

Too many “features”, gameplay elements, and boosters, that basically slow down the game. It’s just been a week and I’ve completed the entire available levels and my stock of in-game gold and boosters is just rising. The game itself is good but it’s like they are really desperate to get more players. Some of the match-3 colors aren’t yet introduced in the game but can be seen in the ending cutscene of the levels. If they add those, perhaps the levels would become slightly challenging.

I love this game so far! The story is really interesting and the gameplay very cool! I love that you can customize pretty much everything But I’m only giving it 3 star because the game freezes a bit sometimes and the loading screens when you for main room to 3match-play is sooo long! Please try to reduce the time between screen because it’s too long ! Looking forward to updates and to see improvements to this game

NO ADS! Great art. Intriguing story. Great characters (I don’t like Charlotte’s best friend). Loads of rewards. Love the new clothes release. Would have given 5 stars but close to level 400 you can’t win without using boosters. Gets really difficult and frustrating. It’s supposed to be fun… I’ve finished 1st part. When r u releasing the next? Can’t wait to continue the story

This is quite an enjoyable game! I’ve tried a few other games with this same story+minigame formula, but this one feels a lot fairer to play, and as a bonus, the story is very intriguing, but not super out of left field. Also, thank goodness, I haven’t seen any intrusive ads at all. Definitely one I like!

Absolutely loving this game so far, I’m addicted!! The puzzles are fun and it has an interesting storyline! I especially love all the decorating and food prep aspects and how it connects with the story! Overall, great game play, graphics and so many unique and fun elements- highly recommend trying it!

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