Bubble Kingdom – Rescue all the puppies trapped in colorful bubbles

[Game] Bubble Kingdom

Bubble Kingdom  HELP! These lovely little puppies need to be rescued! They are trapped by bubbles.

Shoot and match bubbles of the same to release them. Immerse yourself in the world of incredibly interesting Bubble Kingdom.

Bubble Kingdom Features:

Shoot & Match 3 or more bubbles of the same to burst
Hundreds of fun and challenging bubble shooting levels
Rescue all the puppies trapped in colorful bubbles
Lots of amazingly powerful props: Fire Bubble, Aiming Line, Color Bubble, Extra Bubbles etc.
Enchanting and refreshing background music
Unlock the power of special bubbles and props to win difficult levels
Completely FREE bubble shooting game
Easy for kids to play, difficult for even adult to master
Addictive gameplay: Kill your bored by shooting bubbles and rescue adorable puppies

Play awesome Bubble Kingdom with your WHOLE FAMILY & share the fun!

Bubble Kingdom user reviews :

Not a bad game but Im not very good at it. Has anyone else had a problem buying various farm animals? I like them so I’ve purchased some. I can’t seem to get a pig though and without a pig, I can’t get a cow. Anyone else have problems? I bought 3 of pigs and not one shows.

I love this game, I can’t stop playing. I even play on my breaks at work!. I’m still playing, still LOVING IT! But, I have come to the last level, twice. What now?

it keeps you entertained, but some levels you win just won’t let you go forward

This game is good for all ages. I really like the colors. Keep up the good work.

Why my game is stopped in level 190 and they have written for me coming soon can I know when I play the next levels

I like this, it’s fun helps me not to think of all the pain I’m feeling though out my body.

I really was liking this until it ENDS ABRUPTLY AT LEVEL 190, what the hell , why bother having a game?

Well I really loved this game until it ran out of levels..tired of waiting will uninstall..

I really liked this game… my fav part about it would probably be the colourful bubbles.

This is a very cool game its fun to rescue the baby animals

Nice, pleasant game, fills in your time, keeps steady, great colors & graphics!

like the game very much some of the is a little bit hard but it is very good

I give three star is because I have one problem with this game is that I can’t seem to be able to log into Facebook

I really like playing this game, Fun and addictive. Great game!

Won’t let me log in to Facebook, but I love the game

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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