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Charming Tails


When your mom suddenly falls ill with an incurable disease, you’re about to lose all hope when you remember the legend of the cat realm—a place where wishes come true…

One day, after visiting your mother at the hospital, you end up following an odd calico cat to a nearby shrine, but when you step through the torii gate, you find yourself whisked away to the realm of cats. Recalling the local legend, you seek out the King of Cats but instead find a witch in his place. She offers to cure your mom for a price—you must give up your human life and live in the cat realm for eternity.

Faced with an impossible choice, you’re about to give in to despair when you’re recruited by a rebel organization of handsome cat men known as The Strays. Will you be forced to give up your humanity, or can you take down the witch in time to save your mom—and find love along the way?

Sink your claws into a story of romance and whimsy in Charming Tails!


Rei – The Top Cat
Wary and stubborn, Rei is the leader of The Strays and determined to take vengeance on the witch and save her victims… But with the demons of his past clawing away at him, that’s easier said than done. Will you help him overcome his trauma and free the cat realm once and for all?

Tatsuki- The Stealthy Spy
Once human, this cool cat acts as a double agent, guarding the palace while feeding information to The Strays. He seems set on protecting you and ensuring your wish gets granted, which makes you wonder if he knows more about your family than he lets on…
Can you learn the truth behind his willingness to help you and his reason for wishing his humanity away?

Tama- The Playful House Cat
This sweet kitty is your own family’s cat, only now he’s a man—and a handsome one at that! Tama has a heart of gold and will do anything for you, but when asked why he’s been away from home for so long, he dodges the question.
Once the cat’s out of the bag, will your bond strengthen, or will it fall apart?

Charming Tails user reviews :

Okay so I just finished with twilight lovers and that was great and the dudes were hot af. So now I’m coming onto this one but I know that there’s going to be a problem in this. That problem is how much rubies it is to pick an option. Yes I know you can get 30 coins every 5 hours and play a slot machine minigame so you can buy rubies but in the slot machine it’s kinda difficult to win a lot of rubies because they only give you small amounts of them. And you need to wait 5 hours just for 30 gems!

Its literally awesome . Please give it a try . Just a little problem with the gems . Its not easy to earn them with mini game . It takes a lot of time . And in some seconds all of the gems gets used. Although the storyline and characters you make are flawless

It was so good. I liked it. I liked the story line. Characters were good, the MC seemed stupid but nevermind. I didn’t like Rai, don’t know why… maybe because I am not a fan of his dead girlfriend stuff. and Tama was cute, it feels good when your beloved family cat can transform into human form or a shape of human.. I like the art work, It seems new. I have played your all games. I love your games soooo much. I am waiting for another new game! Grate work. Keep it up Genius lnc.

Finally you stepped out of the box. A great story, different also characters looked older and much better. Bravo! Oh a TIP LOOK AT Degraman Act 1 Those characters they are amazing , real looking and gorgeous Had to change score a shame too, I’m tired of this fixed slot game, after all day low points bam get a can’t play! Nope, this is wrong!! This is my last read, I’m finding something else, I will not be forced to buy when I can’t afford too.

This game was good. I like the world and characters and sure the story wasn’t that original but it’s still enjoyable. I do feel like it is kind of slow though and that there should have been more love scenes with the characters. But overall it was good.

Downloaded because the explanation reminded me of The Cat Returns married to Spirited Away, so I downloaded. It does not disappoint so far (2 chapters read just an hour ago). JUST FINISHED and this book did not disappoint. You don’t even have to buy diamonds as you can earn 30 points every 5hours and also play a slot machine, then trade accumulated points. It’s a slow way to do it but I completed the whole story without buying a single diamond.

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