Kamisama Spirits of the Shrine – Repel this ancient evil

[Game] Kamisama Spirits of the Shrine

Kamisama Spirits of the Shrine


When you accidentally damage a Shinto shrine, you’re forced to pay off your debt by becoming a miko to the handsome spirits who live there—an irritable god, sly fox familiar, and energetic lion-dog guardian.

Just as you’re starting to settle into your bizarre new life, an ancient, terrifying demon awakens from his long slumber. Can you work together with your allies to repel this ancient evil, or is the town doomed to suffer the same fate it did 500 years ago?

Embark on an epic Japanese adventure to save the shrine and uncover deep secrets buried in the past. Discover and harness your spiritual power to protect your friends, all the while shaping your love story into a tale for the ages!


Kagura – The Irritable Kamisama
“Humans are always so quick to ask for blessings, and so slow to offer due recompense. Find a way to repay your debt… or face the punishment of a god.”

The demanding god of the shrine, always serious, reclusive, and unapproachable. He’s critical and can be quite cruel to those who cross him, but he takes his responsibilities as a kami seriously and relies on the few he lets into his inner circle.

Shirogitsune – The Sly Kitsune
“Something told me you’d be fun, little mouse. You’re just the kind of entertainment I’ve been looking for.”

The cunning fox familiar of the shrine who indulges in many vices and takes things at his own pace. He’s incredibly powerful, but usually keeps up the facade of a guileful observer. Every once in a while, however, his vengeful and jealous nature rises to the surface…

Akito – The Loyal Lion-Dog
“Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! No matter what happens, you’re safe with me.”

The komainu guardian of the shrine — hardworking, hunky, and fiercely protective of those he cares about. Akito’s sweet nature makes him a fast friend and someone you can rely on, but you soon learn that his dedication to protecting others stems from a tragedy in his past.

Akanojaku – The Sadistic Demon
“So you’re the one who awakened me? When I finish destroying this town, I’ll enjoy you immensely.”

A terrifying demon with no regard for human life who was sealed away long ago. When he escapes and sets his sights on you, you’re left bewildered. Why does this demon act like he knows you, and where does his obsession stem from?

Kamisama Spirits of the Shrine user reviews :

i love it but it’s hard to earn the points for trade…like you need to wait for 5 hours just for 30 points that is equal maybe 2 rubies and in choices you need 25 rubies..and the mini game to earn the points are so hard i tried 20 times and the 3same logo i got is only 2 times like can you add another mini game to earn points?

Season 1 was great. Season 2 does much better in character development, but the plot was lacking tension. The villain was a promising one, a complex character who was done wrong in much the same way our MC potentially could have been (because she is mortal), but the whole thing seemed to get resolved too quickly. Even the subplots seemed to get resolved too easily contrary to their build up prior. There was just so much potential for this title and it didn’t seem to pay off.

That’s cool! The story was interesting. And I spent money again. The design/graphic was good. I like the fact that the scenary is not motionless. My eyes were pleased with the visual. The only thing I have to say: why do we have to pay for the 4th choice and it was a short ending. To me, it was worthless to spend money on the 4th choice. Maybe others will like it. Anyway Keep it up. I hope the next story will be as well captivated.

This game has got to be my favorite games so far from genius inc. the art and the plotline is just so good. but as usual, the problem goes back to the rubies; it’s very time-consuming to always try and earn them which really sucks and rather than always trying to do the minigames or watching the ads which come every once 4 hrs, there should be another way to earn them. but I highly recommend the app. you’ll enjoy playing the game if you spend your rubies tactfully.

Great storyline, the characters are all easy to get along with, options available were good. One annoying bit is that rubies don’t transfer to other games. Overall a wonderful story to read and fall in love with all of the characters. Music choise wasn’t half bad but I usually listen without.

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