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[App] Check Calendar – Habit Tracker

Check CalendarCheck Calendar is the best app to check your calendar, record and analyze.

It has powerful features such as 1000+ emojis, color customization, note taking, tab management, dark mode and more.

Check with one tap
Over 1000 emojis
Color customization
Take notes
Unlimited tabs
Dark mode
Persistence of data
Swipe UI
Backup / Restore

Security is paramount in this app.
Your data will be kept confidential.

No login
Launch the app and you can start using it right away.

Data can be persisted
The data saved in the terminal will remain forever until the application is deleted.

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

We want you to feel that “I’m glad you used this app”.
That’s the promise from the check calendar.

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Check Calendar user reviews :

Really simple, it was what I was looking for and so quick and easy to use. Easy to see your habits and helps to keep your good ones. It would be great to merge calendars to add more than one emoji per day (e.g. workout, water intake etc)

very good for the job. I keep track of my private class with it. thanks dev! I bought the full thing too

Good ap, but, I would like to much more if they had the ability to type numbers for minutes of workout completed and even more symbols other than the check mark. I would pay a reasonable cost for those features.

It’s great but you have to purchase the premium version to open more tabs !

very basic, almost too basic but it does the job.

This app has so much potential, I’ve been looking for similar app like this but there’s no any… I am looking forward to the updates in the future. I just hope that the developers will enhance its overall function, experience, and appearance.

It is very practical, i only wish the swipe right and left could take me from one calander to the next , and the swipe up and down is to scroll months, that would make it perfect

Add theme as light, dark and system default. I had recently purchased pro version of this app but i cannot recommend pro version of this app without this feature. Kindly add this feature asap.

This is fantastic, but add sharing or adding another persons so same things or schedules can be shared with each other. Even in premium this is not available, kindly work on it than it will become the best calander ever. Thanks

I think it’s a great app and was exactly what I was looking for. I will give it a 5 star if a way to backup your data is added but overall good app.

It is really simple, useful and straight to the point. Also, you can personalize it even with the free version

Perfect for what I’m trying to do, giving me a simple way to create a calendar view of my monthly events.

Functionality is good but performance is not up to Mark. if i click on button is respond after 2 sec.

Says you can access 1000’s of Emoji when paying for premium but this is not true – there are a total of 20. Very disappointed.

Simple, lightweight, no ads. Using it keep a tally of certain tasks/ events over time. Need a different tab/calendar for each task. Doesn’t summarise the data for you though, i.e. you will need to work out the frequency yourself. Would be a nice feature to add though…

I have been trying so many calendar check apps but never found like this. Its just perfect. To the point. Without any ads. Beautiful UI. Smooth to use. 5 stars from my side. Only missing thing is the online backup feature.

This app needs to have a setting where u can delete a day if u pressed it by accident or when your not supposed to be doing a certain thing like fasting and u cant have water or food it would also be nice to able have an x or a checkmark as an option I do like having the option of adding your emoji but an x option would b nice to add as well Great app tho :) just needs a few adjustments

Love it. It does what it says without giving trouble. I haven’t found ads and it has never interrupted my work. It also let’s me create separate check calendars for different tasks. Keep it up

Great app.. one thing.. it would be great to select different icons for different days.. instead of one icon for all my selected dates…. example if I can select a football icon for Sunday and a basketball for Monday. This would be the best if you add that.. even charge for that feature as its very important. Thanks

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