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Checkers ClashCheckers Clash is an online board game played between 2 players.

Checkers, also known as draughts game, is an easy-to-play traditional tabletop strategy game. Are you ready for the quick multiplayer board game?

Checkers game can be played both online and offline. Challenge your friends to a quick multiplayer checkers match. Play against bots and improve your strategies in this checkers board game. Compete with real players in PvP matches around the world and unlock free rewards.

Checkers has multiple popular variants across the globe. Enjoy a variety of popular checkers free modes: Classic Checkers and International Checkers. Play checkers with friends and challenge them to a PvP board game match. Do you have what it takes to become the top checkers player?

How to Play:
Move pawns diagonally on adjacent available squares.
Capture as many of the opponent’s pieces as you can.
Crown your pawns by reaching the opponent’s baseline.
Crowned pieces can be diagonally moved, both forward and backward.
The first player to capture all of the opponent’s pieces wins the match.

Reach the top of the leaderboard competition to win exciting rewards.
Play with your friends and real players around the world in this classic checkers game.
Enjoy checkers online and offline matches in this 1v1 checkers board games for free.
Win matches to unlock premium pawns and decals in this quick checkers game.
Try your luck at opening lucky boxes and getting amazing upgrades.
Play with the most popular checkers rules i.e. International Checker, Classic Checkers, English Checkers, American Checkers, and English Draughts.
Practise against bots and improve your logic skills in checkers offline mode.
Play on different checkerboard sizes from 8×8 to 10×10 in this multiplayer board game.
Achieve the highest ranks on the season pass and show off your skills.
Realtime PvP matches with players from around the world.

Coming Soon:
A new season pass each month with plenty of exciting and free rewards.
Unique limited-time events with diverse gameplay varieties.
New game modes; Brazilian checkers, also known as dama or damas.

Are you feeling bored and want to spend your free time? Play multiplayer checkers with friends in this top checkers online game and exercise your brain. Sharpen your mind and get smarter every day in a quick checkers game. Challenge your friends in 1v1 matches and show what you are worth!

Checkers Clash user reviews :

Honestly i been waiting for miniclip to pick up and develop checkers, and its pretty cool. I haven’t came across and issues with the gameplay or haven’t had any connection issues, but the only issue/compliment i have is when playing the English version. When it comes to a curtain move it will make me do that move, instead of like stalling the move until i want to move it there (like head games with your opponent.) But at times when i have to comply, the game it will make it a worser situation.

I would have continued playing if you didn’t add ads after every match. The ads became even more annoying because you have to press “x” at least 4 times to close it. Another problem is not being able to make a move from time to time. You have to close and reopen the app a few times in order to finish the game.

I lost three games in a row because my opponent let their play clock run out and I couldn’t do anything except close the app to get into a new game. Update: More games are having the same results. This is now costing my coins and my W-L record.

Installed a few days ago. Last night I couldn’t get into matches as it keeps crashing. Opening the app again shows a static screen.

Fun but you can reach a stalemate when your opponent decides to move 1 piece back and forth, there should be a rule to not move a piece more than 2 times unless it takes the other persons piece else you sit in 30 minute stalemates like i have.

my only problem with this game is that it does not have a force draw, some opponents does not accept draw even if it is not winable,besides that, all is good.

This game fun when im playing the computer but when im playing other ppl online i keep losing plus these games run to long cause some players don’t want to make a move so i have to end the game by losing cause the other player don’t want to take that chance and move but the game is fun

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