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DominoesDominoes, originated in China in the 12th century, has become one of the world-famous boardgames.

Now you can play it on your phone! Our Dominoes is a strategy game. It is good for developing logical thinking and enhancing memory. In our dominoes, you can choose 3 game modes:

Dominoes All Fives, Block Dominoes and Draw Dominoes.

Don’t hesitate anymore, just download Dominoes now and have fun!

Easy play, Super fun!
Awesome graphics and animations
Intuitive user interface
3 dominos modes: All Fives, Block Dominos and Draw Dominos
3 levels of difficulty
3 score options for each game mode
Win points setup
Starting hand setup
Show the remaining tiles after the round ends
Custom backgrounds
Custom domino tiles

Winning Tips: . Don’t draw too many new dominos. You need to get rid of your tiles to win!

Please remember, Practice makes you Dominated in Dominoes!

Dominoes user reviews :

This game has some issues. I play Fives, meaning multiples of 5s. Anyways, youre halfway thru a hand, controlling the board. and you have all 2s accounted for. Say spinner is double 2s with only 3 sides covered, plus a 2 showing on one line of play. Playn the last 2 available on spinner opens new line/play. You play your 2 quickly and the tile flies to other line instead, leaving only 3 lines open. There is no “back” button, problem!Plus, game doesnt require doubles or points to start. Bad.

I honestly don’t get the complaints about the opponent always drawing the tiles it needs while the player doesn’t. In my months of play, draws from the boneyard seem pretty balanced. I usually win, too. UPDATE from July: Thank you, Aged Studio, for a quick response. The problematic ads are gone. Four stars because when the layout gets large dominoes overlay each other and it’s difficult to discern which is which, and sometimes the tile misplaces when there is more than one choice for placement.

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at support[at] Include the ads screenshots. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

Too many ads for me, it ruined my experience. Some things to improve, game play wise. I´ll try another domino game.

I like this game but there is some serious issues. 1 dominos are overlapping and you can’t tell what they are 2 it’s really hard to place a bone where I want it and have to try several times 3 after trying several tries to place a bone and collect points it decides to place in a whole different place with no points Please fix the issues and I will give you more stars. Thank you

This is the perfect game for me. Ads appear at the end of rounds and are not 20 to 30 seconds long. The 5s game does not require playing to 250 points. The graphics are great and dominoes go where the player intends. This is great for me!

After years of waiting, a straight domino game with No ads (data access off) . It has good game play, good graphics, and an ever changing board to make all dominos fit the screen. Dominos are easy to see, even with poor eyesight ( I should know). Want a relaxing game of dominos without annoying interuptions, get this one.

  • Thank you so much for your review!

Run ads between games, not between every hand. Computer opponent is too easy and player should have option to select more skilled bot. Option to play in landscape mode would also be helpful. Boring and frustrating and plan to ininstall immediately

I don’t like not being able to put the dominoe where I want it and there is no spinner to play off of.

The highest spiner at the begining of the game wasn’t included.

No idea what rules were used to build this game but in all my years of playing you can play off the first double played and in this game it does not allow you to play off the spinner as normal gameplay so was not impressed and also the point system is not correct nor does it even keep a legitimate scoring system. Need to address these issues and make the game play realistic to get a better rating and review

I’m giving it a 3 stars for now … I would prefer to review this after I’ve used it a while instead of right after I downloaded it… it’s not a very honest review if you’re being asked to give something five (5) stars just after you downloaded and you’ve used it. So I cannot honestly give it five (5) stars because I really haven’t seen that it’s an outstanding product yet… Update.10-31-22 Time: 9:04 pm. After Playing the game for a few times I would highly recommend  this domino version.

I enjoy the game and have for years. It provides mental stimulation and motivation in a fun way.

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