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ChimeraLand ChimeraLand is an open-world survival game with strong RPG elements in a prehistoric, mythical world.

You need to gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research technologies. Start from building a survival shelter, to making a megabase in the Outerspace!

You will find hundreds of bizarre mythical beasts while exploring this seamless world. Do you want a new pet? Catch and Tame them!

Or maybe you want to have a pair of wings on your horse? Let your pets devour them, and see what kind of Chimera you can create! The possibility is endless!

You can be a close-quarter fighter when wielding blades, a cunning gunslinger with X-bows, or both! You can be a Werewolf, a Dragonborn, or a Jellyfish girl! Choose your own way, and create your own style!
There are no limitations to restrict what you can and cannot be!

And there are thousands of other creative travelers, with their unique tastes and styles, living and thriving together…

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ChimeraLand user reviews :

I like the game. but, two things that I wish it had: 1. At least “minor” controller support. doesn’t have to cover everything, just movement/attack/building. Anything that isn’t a menu basically. 2. Offline play. I like the multiplayer. I don’t like that it’s mandatory to play the game. (Extra) 3. Not really a complaint. But, this would be great on console

  • Thank you for trying out Chimeraland Global. We value the feedback from all our players and your feedback will be shared with the team. Your feedback will help us improve the game and bring a better gaming experience to all players. Thank you for helping us out!

So far haven’t had any issues! Just a message for anyone new, there is some stuff to download before you can play the game at least 2GB. Character customization is great, my only issue is that I wish I could move the muzzle of the feline character up a bit, would have saved me some time instead of playing with the nose and mouth for over 30 mins. Playing the game I had an issue placing the camp, wasn’t aware I had to move the screen downward to bring it closer to me. Great game so far!

Although the survival and crafting elements resemble classics like Ark, the game provides an interesting new take on evolving pets. The open-world feel is expansive and diverse (not to mention, at times, stunningly beautiful) and I love to roam around and see what there is to see (including underwater!). But I find myself spending most of my time crafting my perfect home in the mountains and I love the customization options! It’s all the little details that make it a fun and addictive game.

Firstly, I love this app. It’s new and still in progress so I get occasional hiccups. The design/art are gorgeous, something I look for in games. My only complaint is:when I enter the game, after everything loads, all the message boxes, menus, dialogue, anything that should have words, doesn’t. They are blank spaces, most if not all the items, strange beasts, fellow travelers are all invisible. You could see how that would make playing difficult. I will connect with support for further info.

Starting out I was a bit annoyed that this app was 5gb in total but I took a chance and I’m glad for it. This is a sandbox open world game. You get to customize the mess out of your character with unlimited options. From building a house to having you and your pet destroy everything in your path. You can do anything. Best part is if you skip the instructions you can easily find your way back to it. Great graphics and easy gameplay. Even on my low end device I have little to no issues.

Ignore “no server” reviews, they are prerelease! Closest to Landmark (the game) I’ve gotten for free since it shut down. I’ve spent so much time building that I haven’t really jumped into anything that doesn’t help me build. That said, I almost uninstalled 10 minutes after I started. The beginning isn’t helpful. So if you plan on playing you’ll probably need to figure most of it out on your own. And chances are you will need to up your graphics settings so it looks good. But fantastic so far!

Best game I ever played! It remind me of Skyrim a bit!  I love the exploration and freedom and the building and seeing other people’s designs! It take awhile at first but it gets better as it progresses! I love looking at the huge beasts! I hope to see more and new stuff especially mounts and clothing! There are bit lags and some bugs but nothing major. Overall, I love the game! I hope to see more!

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