Exorcist in Island – The battle between powerful exorcist heroes and demons

[Game] Exorcist in Island

Exorcist in Island The peaceful and beautiful ‘Jeju Island’ is crawling with demons.
The exorcist adventure to defeat demons begins!

The IP of the popular K-webtoon[Island!
Produced with the artist of the hit comics, ‘Blade of the Phantom Master’ and ‘Sorma’, Yang Kyung-il!

An Exciting Good Vs Bad Fantasy World
An unique fantasy world that can only be seen at Exorcist in Island
The story between eastern and western exorcists

The battle between powerful exorcist heroes and demons
Amazing action with unique heroes~!
The real-like battle against demons~!
Defeat the demons and become the true exorcist hero~!

There is nothing to fear with friends!
Fight legendary monsters alongside friends in real-time~!
Various demon battle content every day~!
Search where the demons are hiding and get items~!

Hero exclusive weapons & amazing skills
Exclusive weapon for each hero
Different amazing skills for each hero

Exorcist in Island Official Community
Check various information and events!
facebook:  www.facebook.com/exorcistinisland/

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Canceling Access Permissions
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Minimum Requirements: RAM 3GB
AOS 6.0 or higher / Galaxy S8 or higher

Exorcist in Island user reviews :

It’s pretty. The voice acting is decent and the bones are good, but progression is impossible. Maxing levels and gear doesn’t give enough strength to break the difficulty spikes. You are limited in story progression, so you have to max out characters that will become obsolete, wasting resources. Getting new characters is a ridiculous undertaking of “relationship building” which just means a bit a month or spend a ton per character unlock. The game could be great, but it gets in it’s own way.

new tester, so far I really like it, graphics is lovely, stable on my s20, sounds great, the only thing that’s a drag is the amount of grinding you have to do to get items, to level up, and enhance, it takes so much. and the power required in the floors and the battles is super too high. I think also the multi summons in the black market could do with a reduction its way too expensive. scouts could be summoned apart from these, it’s a great game and I’m enjoying it. Nice work.

Not really my kind of game actually, but I like it really. The graphics, stories all good and nice but too hard to play. From upgrades material, skills, evolutions characters until the enemy all hard to gather and play. When just 2-3 days played and already stuck is suck. I tried to play for few more days, but really hopeless to continue. Make it more easy at first to encourage the players to play.

The game has a lot of potential to be great but unfortunately failed to create a balanced gameplay levels for the players. Early stages are so hard to win! Players will be stuck on the 2nd day without anymore progress. That makes no sense for any game. So entering 2nd day of playing the game, I can no longer progress because the difficulty spikes unreasonably. Such a shame, cause I like the graphic, story and battle mechanic.

I’ve been playing the game for a little while and I have to say that it’s fun. The story is interesting so I look forward to the rest of it. But the characters look odd. Every character has pitch black skin and their clothes just look colored in. Since the game has just came out I understand that there’s going to be bugs so I look forward to seeing this game as it progresses.

Progression in this game is impossible! The starting 3 characters max out in lvl pretty quickly, but getting items to evolve them is very difficult due to the character lvl vs the battle lvl difficulty of the game. My team gets wiped out quickly bcuz the materials to level up equipment isn’t easy to get. Game has potential, but unfortunately the devs don’t seem to care about the input the players are giving them. Uninstalled bcuz it’s pointless to keep playing an unbalanced game!

Good job on the game! It’s awesome. Number of characters are limited, but I can understand since the game just launched. The graphics are really nice. Even the music in the login screen is pretty cool. I would like the characters to have a bit more personality by adding their birthdays, more information and interactions. Overall, it’s a great game.

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