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[Game] Chrome Valley Customs

Chrome Valley CustomsWelcome to Chrome Valley Customs, the home of vintage cars!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and join the garage crew as you restore, tune, customize and trade classic rides and earn the title of master mechanic! From muscle cars to junkyard finds, you’ll turn rust into rad renovations as you design vehicles to your exact specifications.

RESTORE vehicles to their former glory!
CUSTOMIZE classic cars and create your dream ride!
CHOOSE between sleek and modern makeovers or a vintage, retro vibe!
RELAX with our car garage crew!
SOLVE auto-themed match puzzles!
RACE through levels with explosive tools!

What are you waiting for? Download Chrome Valley Customs now and get those rides driving back on the road!


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Chrome Valley Customs user reviews :

BIGGEST COMPLAINT is the fact that you can’t fit wheel spacers. How is it possible that you can fit a widebody kit and keep the track width stock?? It looks disgusting. Also the levels get impossibly hard after a while and the cost of restoring the car increase exponentially which is scummy. Other than that the graphics are extremely nice and the idea/core gameplay is good

The graphics are on point, the story is good, but there is something really wrong with the reward system. To restore a car costs around 9000 credits, and as a reward, you get 200 credits. Dev team, you need to really improve this rewards system, making it at least 40-45% from the cost of the restoration.

Fun game so far, though I haven’t been able to play it “full screen” if that makes sense ok a phone lol. It covers the screen when it launches but halfway through loading it downsizes to about 75%. The levels may be getting a bit too difficult (I’m on car 4 I think, the Italian sports car) and the payout is too low, you almost need to complete three levels to restore one part. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse than that. Otherwise it’s a fun match game.

Pros: The start of the game was really fun (as with all mobile games) and you get to “restore” a car as a reward for each level. There are zero random ads which is great as well. The mods available for the cars have a small variety so you have “options.” Cons: I’m working on my 3rd car (which isn’t too far into the game) and yet I’ve had to pay to pass certain levels. And now I’m stuck at a level (again) and refuse to pay anymore! It’s more frustrating than fun at this point…

There’s a ton of bugs in the game, like freezing up while working on cars. The game constantly has to reshuffle the shapes because there’s not enough moves, but on the other hand, there are tons of rewards that the other puzzle games does not give out, so it definitely balances out. If you can put up with those small quirks, then I highly recommend this game if you’re into cars.

On level 57, so far, this game is great! I’m genuinely having fun with it and as someone who loves cars, the fact I get to rebuild some is so sweet. It also gives off the feeling that it was put together by some people that enjoy cars themselves, or at least did research about them haha. Edit: the puzzles will eventually get to a point of feeling almost impossibly difficult unless you’re extremely lucky and/or spend a ton on power ups and additional turn.

It’s a decent enough game, visuals are pretty good, restoring the cars is well done. On a personal note the connect 3 games are wearing, playing a level 2 or 3 times is fine sure, but after replaying the same level 5 or more times just because the perfect drop didn’t come is not fun. In fact I’ve got to the point where I’m just going to uninstall.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at support[at]

Came here from Beatstar. I love this game. I usually hate such games, but this one is just different. The art style isn’t realistic, but it looks beautiful. We repair each and every part of the car (main ones) and it feels really satisfying after each upgrade. The final car reveal looks cool too. The game is immersive, with great music to vibe. Please just allow us to drive the car for one last time before the customer takes it away. Thank you for this wonderful game.

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