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Merge NeverlandMerge Neverland – Match and Merge Adventure! Wouldn’t you like to go on a fantastic journey in the elf world?

Upon touching the glowing door, Samantha was whisked away into a magical portal and compelled to become a witch. Where has she arrived? And what lies in store for her?

Use the merge magic to match and merge mermaids,dragons, fable creatures, and more to disperse the fog, heal the contaminated land, solve the puzzles, and save the cute elves.

Merge Neverland features:

Merge three or more items, such as flowers, trees, mushrooms, stars, and even creatures in fables, to get better and better things and reveal the mysteries of evolution!

Use the merge magic to collect over 100 kinds of elves sealed in the garden and evolve them to their highest levels. You will be amazed by their powerful magic.

Bring the garden back to life with the help of dragon power, and collect more than 1000 items to decorate your garden. You can freely drag and deposit objects as you like.

Sharpen your merge magical skills in 200+ puzzle levels and obtain extra gold coins and item rewards.
Neverland has different themed events every week. Participating in these events, you will have the opportunity to obtain event-exclusive elves and bring them back to the garden. Can you tackle these challenges?

Download the game now and start your magical adventure in Neverland!

Merge Neverland user reviews :

I play Merge Tales and like it very well. After 30 minutes or so of this new Merge Neverland I quickly can see it’s the exact same game only made a lot more feminine to the point I would call it a lot more foo-foo. Likely still a good game , just not for me. Best of luck.

  • Thank your for your support! The core gameplay of Merge Neverland and Merge Tales is the same. The reason why we launched two seemingly similar games is because we want to provide players with a better gaming experience. We have upgraded the art to improve the visual quality of the game, allowing players to enjoy a more exquisite game world.

I wish I could get this on my tablet and not just my phone. Also the play time the creatures are out needs to be a little longer. They don’t do to much. Other then that good game

  • Hello. Thank you for your support and evaluation! You only need to log in to the Google account in the game to save the game progress, and then log in to the same Google account in the game on the tablet to synchronize the game data.

Not unique in any way. Graphics are good and seems to run smooth. Exactly the same game play as every other game like this.

  • Thank you for your support and evaluation! We will listen carefully to the suggestions and needs of players, and strive to improve the game and bring you a better gaming experience!

Cool game and b e a u tiful scenery and I love this game but I just wish you would add something like Lee’s time for the fairys to sleep because that bums people out when they can’t play any more because of it thank you and goodbye

So far this a really fun game it’s so easy to lose time playing this.

Relaxing game but fairy’s sleep to long so stuck on same level a long time

  • Thanks for your likes and suggestions! We will seriously consider the issue of sprite rest. Building more dream houses can speed up the recovery of elves. At the same time, when the sprite is resting, you can go to the activity or level to continue the game. I wish you enjoy the game!

So far what I’ve seen cute bigger merge game type but doesnt eat up space

  • Thank you for your support and evaluation! We will work hard to make more interesting activities and cute elves. Strive to bring you a better gaming experience! If you have any suggestions or needs, please contact us through the in-game customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Cool game, one of the best new merge games going

Well I got my wish I’m happily playing on my tablet. Thanks for making it possible.

I like the game I do… but is ot possible to get the lettering to stop disappearing… I’m not on it gor longer that 5 minutes and they shut off … I’m unable to read the missions qest or the talking… please fix this

I haven’t had a chance to really play this app butt what I have played seems to be a fun activity in my free time when I get it

Enjoy the game but I couldn’t finish the event because there wasn’t enough items to merge for the final shadows you may want to look into this, also what’s up with the energy for the quests it takes way to long for it to regenerate I would like to be able to play more than once per day

I really wanted to like the game more. My free land always feels cramped, and the extra lands are a bit overpriced. I really like the aesthetics and the event setup, and all the sprites and models are super cute, and I’m very happy with the scaling of orb power…I just wish I wasn’t constantly out of space.

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