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Circle AlarmCircle Alarm is the most intuitive alarm clock for Android. It is simple, fast and highly functional.

In addition to all the basic functionality of an alarm clock (multiple alarms, snooze, recurring alarms, vibration …) Circle Alarm offers:

With Circle Alarm, wake up with your favorite music or ringtone (mp3, wma …).

When an alarm rings, you can simply flip your phone to snooze it!

When you snooze an alarm, Circle Alarm says: “Next alarm in X minutes it will be X hours and X minutes”.
So you no longer need to check what time it is.

The alarm stop button reacts after a long click (that way you will never stop the alarm unintentionally).

With the Circle Time Picker interface, it has never been so fast and elegant to schedule an alarm.

And more to discover yourself!


Hi everybody!

I have a hard time getting up in the morning.
Therefore, to motivate me to get out of bed, I made an alarm.

So, if you want to support a developer who has trouble waking up,
download Circle Alarm! You will not regret it. :)


An idea ? A remark ?


Thank you in advance. :)

Circle Alarm user reviews:

I’ve been using this for at least a year, probably a lot longer, and it has changed my life! The feature that tells me what time the alarm will next ring when I hit snooze has all but ended over snoozing. The long click feature keeps me from accidentally turning the alarm off or snoozing; I have to wake up a bit more to successfully do the long click. The fade in is super nice too because I am gently woken as opposed to jarred awake. One of my most important and favorite apps.

Still a good job there still a bug for Android 8.0 the app works great on 7.0 but bugs on 8.0. when I chose and alarm another notification sounds before the alarm gose off. I love this app. If someone would ask me about and alarm app this is the one I would still tell them to get. So please look into this bug thanks
  • Timothée JeanninMarch 6, 2018
  • Hi ! Thank you for your feedback ! What kind of features do you want in the widget ? Maybe different colors ?

perfect idea for setting the wake up time. really nice that you can wake up to a song.

Great job, would just like the ability to choose an artist/playlist rather than be limited to choosing just one track in my music library. 5 stars if this is provided in a future update :)

The app is sleek wonderful functional and better yet an amazing UI

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