Super Androix – 8 bit retro graphics

[Game] Super Androix

Super AndroixRetro jump and run game with an endless supply of levels.

Simple gameplay – challenging tasks. All worlds are generated randomly, you won’t get the same one twice.

80+ randomized levels
8 worlds
challenging boss fights
increasing difficulty
customizable gamepad & keyboard
8 bit retro graphics
worldwide rankings

Far Jump: run fast (by pressing “S” button) and move your finger over the “J” button (without leaving the screen)
If you stomp a ladybug, it will leave its shell behind. Keep “S” pressed to pick it up.
No secret pipes – don’t waste your time searching.

You can change the size, position and alpha value of the touch controls or assign personal keys (only if your device has a physical keyboard).

Acceleration controls:
JUMP: touch right half of the screen
SHOOT/SPRINT: touch left half of the screen
CROUCH: swipe down (left half)

This game is powered by libgdx.

Coin sound created by ProjectsU012 (

Super Androix user reviews :

It’s controls are good, but it’s lacking everywhere else. There are 4 enemy types, every world is the same theme. Levels are empty, with the same 2 background images. There are only 3 power ups, not even an invincibility one like the star in Mario. The ice powerup is unique, but I crave more variety and its just not there. Every boss in each world is the same weird dragon with a balloon that makes no sense… There’s no narrative and no real consistent style. Just makes me want to play Mario…

The only reason why I’m giving this game five stars is because I finally beat it after all these years. Super Androix a game where you play as some weird green looking kirby character in a Mario clone like game. The gist is you just play as this green blob guy named Androix who just goes on a random adventure killing & enemies and defeating the same Dragon multiple times pretty much, it would I play it again you might ask? Considering the fact I recently just beat the game after so long no.

I paid for no ads back in 2013. There is not supposed be ad’s

  • Hi Tiffany, are you using the same Google account you used when you purchased the app in 2013 (purchases are bound to the Google Account)? If you need personal support please contact us at: extraandroary[at]

It’s an obvious Mario knockoff, but it has a lot of things unique to itself, and they make this game ridiculously charming, not just that, but the game itself is super fun, I can reccomend Super Androix if you need to pass the time, and love platformers

Very original! Might be a bit inspired but overall it’s a Play Store classic and always will be! 10/10 I suggest anyone plays it at least once.

Great game despite being a Mario knockoff. The great controls and mechanics. Very good level design. I loved it. Could be easier. You should download if looking for Mario.

Not as good as supertux but ok one of my concerns is you can’t replay the levels you all ready did but on supertux you can it doesn’t make sense to me please fix the problem otherwise it’s a good game.

I’m playing this game since 2013 I guess and it still one of my favorite childhood games but I think it’s getting boring as there’s nothing new in this game I wish you add some new bosses or new worlds or anything else

This game rocks im glad it’s still around thx 4 keeping it alive all these years definitely one of the best when i first played it when i was young and it still is i hope this game stays alive for a very long time it’s a awesome game

The game is really good and you should totally download it. The only thing they should add is to be able to go through pipes.

I love how you still do updates and fixes in this very cool and old game since 2012 Thank you Edit: I really love this game why not to make part 2

I’ve played this game since I was 5. I absolutely love this app. It’s difficult but easy. I am amazed by the quality. You should totally download it. I totally completely recommend it.

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