City of Crime – Be the king of the world

[Game] City of Crime – Gang Wars

City of Crime

An innovative gangster strategy mobile game!

Call up your brothers and experience the thrill of fighting players from all over the world!

Fight in real time and utilize strategies to get the upper-hand!
Clash with enemies for their turf and settle feuds between rivals!
One server for the entire world. Be the best, be the king of the world!


Dope cars, sweet babes, and enough guns to make an army blush
Experience a realistic underworld life that’ll have you clubbing with babes, capturing rival turfs, brawling alongside your brothers, and zooming through the city in a sports car!

Build up a high-definition city without restrictions
Construct your city however you like! From grand architectures to stunning characters, your city can be the ultimate visual treat in 4K graphics!

Real-time battles with emphasis on strategies
Engage in real-time street battles as a gangster would! Utilize your Enforcers, Gunners, and Bikers to wipe the floor with your enemies.

One world, one server. Who will be the boss of the world?
Communicate with players across the world, regardless of ethnicity or language! The most common language in the world is power, and only a powerful person can become the Boss!

Real-time AI calculations that simulates a real world
Fight for turfs during the day, party at bars and clubs during the night! How you spend your time during each day and night cycle is up to you!

City of Crime Studio
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City of Crime user reviews :

An amazing game with well-designed gameplay. There’s plenty to do, with constant events and battles against other players. The grinds can be a little long, but there’s so much to focus on that you don’t really notice. It feels like a semi-realistic gangster game focused on managing a city and making it stronger. Overall pretty good, would recommend giving it a try.

  • We are grateful for the wonderful rating boss! We truly appreciate your support! If you need help or want to suggest something, kindly reach out to us by tapping support in the game, or go to our official page or Discord group We also have events you can participate in. Have a great day!

Let me start with, what an amazing game. With that said, the State I’m in is one of the original States. I’m having troubles, like many players in the same State, with the Gear and upgrading of Gear. Other than that everything is amazing and the game is ever going and constantly changing which keeps City of Crime fresh and new with each update. Keep up the great work

  • Thank you for your feedback, boss! We would like to know more about your feedback, kindly reach out to us on our official page or join our Discord group We also have events you can participate in. Thank you so much!

I had no problems with the game the last 2 days, I downloaded and immediately loved it. Then tonight I tried to open it and as soon as it got to 94% it would just close. Just had to uninstall and re-download it Which was annoying but it still is a good game

  • Thanks for giving us your feedback boss! How can we make your experience complete? Please reach out to us on our official page or join our Discord group See you there, boss!

Pretty good thus far, but I’ve only been playing about a week. A reskin of similar games, but there are a good amount of things to do. There is a P2W aspect, obviously, though it’s so far not terrible. However, as with most games, there is usually a resource that is of great need, and also very difficult to produce enough of and obtain (without spending money, naturally) and in this case it is Gold Bars. You can never really produce enough vs what you need for research as you progress.

  • Hello boss, thank you for your feedback. We are sad to know that we did not reach your expectations. We really want to give you the best service and gameplay. We want to know more about your concern by reaching us through our official FB page: or our join our Discord:

Majority F2P players thus progress in strength almost the same but with P2Win gets the advantage. However, if lucky and you are in a strong alliance with protection from each others… it’s easy to progress until certain level which I found out at Level 16. It’s getting harder and slower to progress then if you are strictly F2P players. I’m

  • Hello boss, We are sad to know about what you feel. As you can see that you can get resources and even diamonds just by doing quests without even the need for spending money. We are open to suggestions, kindly reach us via official FB page: or our join our Discord: to join events for more stuff.

I just started playing this but the game is similar to other crime games in the sense that you upgrade your base , girlfriend, and soldiers but whatI like about it is the graphics are better, I like how the characters look, you have some options as how your character looks, and I’m enjoying the story more. If you like this type of game, this one is definitely worth trying.

  • Thank you much for the great rating boss! We truly appreciate you supporting our game. If you need help or want to suggest something, kindly reach out to us on our official page or our join our Discord group We also have events you can participate in. Have a great day!

This is my second review I don’t know what happened to the first review. I like the game but the game was slowing down, I uninstalled then reinstalled all game progress is gone I used $7.00 Google play credits I have receipts and how do I restore game progress. Update: my problem was solved and the game tutorial is annoying.

  • Hello boss, looks like you are indeed encountering a serious issue and we want to help. Please reach out to us via our Official FB page or join our Discord group Kindly prepare your detailed description of issue so we can check on this further to get it fixed as soon as we can. Thank you

I was really just trying to edit my previous review, although it hasn’t changed much. The game is still very entertaining and I find myself looking forward to times when I can play again. As before, the only drawback is that the tutorial was limited, but they have changed it recently. I really enjoy upgrading the capos and there’s always plenty to do without being overwhelmed. The story line is pretty cool too. I would definitely recommend downloading it and giving it a whirl.

  • Thanks for giving us your feedback boss! We have made changes to the tutorial and we definitely want to know more about your feedback. Please reach out to us on our official page or our join our Discord group See you there, boss!

Latest Update :

1. Gameplay optimizations.
2. Various bug fixes that greatly enhance the game experience.

Contact developer :


Video :

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