Battle Dawn Earth Arena – Create or join an alliance to conquer the globe

[Game] Battle Dawn Earth Arena – RTS

Battle Dawn Earth Arena  Commander, place your colony on this post-apocalyptic wasteland and build your army!

Join players from all over the world and fight in real-time for global conquest and domination.

Battle Dawn: Earth Arena is a new and unique real-time strategy war game (RTS game), where diplomacy and teamwork is the key to success. Team up with other skilled Commanders and forge the greatest alliance to conquer earth. Unleash the full force of your army and fight for crucial resources. Use brilliant strategies and combat tactics to occupy foreign territory and crush your enemies.

Real-time PvP Strategy war. Battle with hundreds online players on planet earth

Create or join an alliance to conquer the globe

Discover countless of strategic and diplomatic choices
Train various troops to build the perfect army for the battlefield
Chat in real time and conspire with team members and allies
Join forces with allied commanders and fight massive sci-fi wars

Explore the earth map to gather resources

Each season lasts 30 days. Every month a new chance to climb the top of the rankings!

Earth Arena is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly with your suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with your feedback.
Install the ultimate PVP strategy game today and conquer the world!

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Battle Dawn Earth Arena user reviews :

This is a great strategy game and is a lot of fun. The only glitch I found was sometimes zooming out doesn’t work right but otherwise just fine. I would recommend trying the game for an era. Also be sure to join or make an alliance right away or you will be conquered by higher level players.

Its simple to get and understand but adding more researching and adding gears for your troops for buffs and debuffs would be cool aswell as three types of each unit and they all effect the other units differently and possibly extra build spots for more resource buildings to keep players in the game and not brief and wsit sll day for resources to build up. Ill add more stars if one of the ideas mske it

If I could give 0 stars I would. Game was only given attention of 6 months from the time it was released and then they still have purchase bugs and refuse to fix those or even refund it back to the customer. It’s so sad this could’ve been a great game but the developers and owners let it die (: good job *thumbs up* so even if you download the game don’t spend any money on it. Just not worth it to line the pockets of the developers or owners just so they can put the money into a different game/app

Kinda like a remedial introduction into the multiverse of strategy games. If you want to try your chances into a new genre from the play store because match 3 games just ain’t doin it for ya, then plop this entry lvl strategy game to find out if it’s gonna be worth the great big investment. Good luck, enjoy !

Same error as everybody else. “The world you have chosen in the same world as you are already in”. I assume the developers have stopped supporting the game since it hasn’t been updated for 3 years and the servers seem to be permanently down…

Looks all right, but put off by the fact that you dont get more details as to who attacked your out post, you only see their allaince name. You can’t even scout before you attack, and the Travel time is extra slow when something is close.

Cant enter game :( when i press continue to new era i always get a message saying “the world chosen is the same world you’re in”. first time opening app and doesn’t work. :( please fix!!! Edit: seems to work now

Love this game But we need the spy back it was with the web, so you can spy on others and poison their waters to make the game more fan. And also more activities should be added not only the shard but some more than the shard should also be brought out to make the game more fan.

I love the game, however, I miss some of the depth from the original Kongregate game. I wish some of its features could be added in future updates.

Uhm everything is good here graphics music no annoying ads not a total pay to win great time killer for those who don’t have anything to do lol

Great to see the developers continuing this game from the browser version. Looking forward to the updates!

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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